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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Veeshan's Peak (Rise of Kunark)
Race Dragon
Level 86▲▲▲ Tier 9 Epic x4
Location 1st Wing of VP ( 903, -418, 968 ) /waypoint 903, -418, 968 Eq2map
Reported Drops
Special Attacks
  • Acidic Blast. Does 2-5k magic damage raidwide, 88 second recast
  • Variable selfheals, every ~10 seconds and as scripted
Related Quests

The Legacy of Yasva V'Alear
Shattered Sanity of the Mad

AA Exp Yes
Status Points 16,000

What does this information mean?


DPS on Nexona must be kept greater than 10k at all times in order to avoid a nasty AE. An additional AoE, Noxious Rot, can be avoided if DPS is kept greater than 25k.


Nexona in flight.

Most people I know pull Nexona down the ramp to the left corner. (Left upon entering the room) MT group stays down there. Assign 4 "shiney" collectors. One at each weapon rack at the bottom of each ramp, one outside in the hallway, and one up top somewhere around the water that is up there. Rest of the raid go up the ramp that is to the left when entering the room and stack on the "specimen". MT cleric hammer pull. Once Nex is pulled entire raid force that is stacked on the "specimen" start kill the specimen. Do this as fast as you can, then move to the other side up top where another "specimen" is located and take it out fast. Run down the ramp on the right side and take out the "specimen" there. By this time one shiney should have been harvested. (Harvested shineys spawn an x2 add, and they do memwipes) Whoever harvested that shiney needs to let the raid know where it (the x2 add) is coming from so they can kill it. Leave the "specimen" that is in the middle of the lower section. It's of little concern. Move to where Nexona is being tanked and take out a 4th "specimen" The 5th "specimen" in the middle will be consummed by Nex when she gets to 90% health, all it does is heal her to 100%. Not worth wasting time on. Now just focus on the mobs that spawn from when someone harvests a shiny, and dps on Nex in between.

When Nex gets to 45% (?) drake 83^^^heroics will spawn, in addition to the shiny mobs, will spawn from the water that is in the lower section. These are easily mezzed for the remainder of the fight, drakes must be mezzed whole fight or they will stun and knock back everyone trying to kill shiny adds. Having a healer that can joust between the shiny group and the mezzers is very helpful in case one breaks. Concentrate on the shiny spawned mobs and Nexona, and gratz on your Mythicals.

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