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A mystical chest

I know this is probably not the correct name for these boxes. They look like the Ark of the Covenant as portrayed in Indiana Jones. A large chest with 2 poles along the long sides for carrying, it glows with golden power. When click on it bestows an effect on all party members that are in range.

These drops are very rare.

I think that most of the time a ring event must take place for these chests to have a chance of dropping. The few times I have seen them in Feerrott, has been after a lizard ring event.


The following monsters are confirmed to drop these boxes:


  • [name needed] - Health regen
  • [name needed] - Power regen
  • Increased Fitness - Increases AGI and STA by 28 for 15 minutes
  • Superior Ethereal Protection - Increases Mitigation of group members (AE) vs arcane damage by 1080 for 15 minutes

Increased Fitness.jpg