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Mystic Epic Weapon Timeline [edit]
Fabled (Heroic) Version
1. A Sleeping Stone
2. A Sleeping Stone: Bones of the Lost
3. A Sleeping Stone: The Stone Awakens
4. A Sleeping Stone: Old Man Across the Sea
5. A Sleeping Stone: Dark Shadows
6. A Sleeping Stone: Dark Enlightenment
7. A Sleeping Stone: Great Beasts
8. A Sleeping Stone: The Cudgel of Obviation
Mythical (Epic) Version
9. Awakening the Cudgel


Starter and First Updates[]

This quest starts in Sebilis.

  1. Talk to Terrus near the jail ( -73, -131, 122 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI to get Torn page of Terrus's notes. You must speak Sathirian to talk to Terrus. You can invis down to him if you jump into the water and swim through the tunnels to the left (east). You will just have to make sure there are no roamers near his cell when you drop invis.
  2. Head to Kunzar Jungle behind City of Mist (very near the Hidden Plunderer's Camp sokokar point) to kill a timeworn spirit (lvl 78^^) (wanders around ( -429, 142, -833 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI and get a chest which contains a rune-covered stone (Respawn is about 15 minutes).
  3. Examine the stone to get the quest: A Sleeping Stone.

A Sleeping Stone[]

  1. Go to Teren's Grasp in Kylong Plains and talk to Hollen the Runesage. He can be found at the Hall of Conviction1973, 488, -709 ) Copy.
  2. Complete the subquest A Sleeping Stone: Sight of the First
    1. Travel to Permafrost and head to Vision of Vox's room, take a left once you reach her room and keep going until you get to the room with giant statues all around. In the center area should be a table with a giant horn, and in the corner is a harvestable tablet ( 172, 3, -394 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI. Pick it up.
    2. Now we need to fix the tablet. Head to the Butcherblock Mountains and talk to Grunnin Copperfist-250, 211, -83 ) Copy.
    3. Grunnin sends you to gather pyrorock dust. You need to gather 10 pyrorock dust, which is a semi-rare harvest from any Tier 8 hard ore nodes. Note that the journal doesn't specify a quantity, it just updates at 10. Also note that the pyrorock dust appears in your inventory and if you destroy it for some reason you'll need to harvest more.
      • Some players have reported that Ryjesium nodes update more frequently than other T8 nodes. They can be found pretty reliably in the goblin mine in Kylong Plains ( 442, 346, -1483 ) Copy.
    4. Return to Grunnin and he will repair the tablet.
    5. Inspect the tablet! It's written in Halasian language.
    6. Go to Shard of Fear and kill an Eye of Thule for a spirit enshrouded eye. Eyes of Thule can be found at the following locations 'near' Turmoil Boneyard: ( 169, 62, 118 ) Copy, ( 164, 56, 155 ) Copy, ( 155, 43, 215 ) Copy, ( 5, 32, 203 ) Copy, ( 79, 20, 258 ) Copy-47, 35, 179 ) Copy, ( -103, 23, 276 ) Copy
    7. Travel to Greater Faydark and the pond at location ( -53, -10, 71 ) Copy. Target yourself and use the spirit enshrouded eye from your inventory to cleanse it and receive the Eye of Thalger. This completes the subquest
  3. Travel to Jarsath Wastes, activate the Eye of Thalger to be granted spirit vision, and speak to the spirit wolf Shul'da769, -21, 623 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI.

A Sleeping Stone: Bones of the Lost[]

  1. Shul'da wants you to kill skeletons to free their spirits in three different locations. At each location, you'll kill the skeleton and then hail the NPC ghost that spawns in its place. The journal doesn't count kills, it just updates when you've killed enough. The number of kills needed is random, but expect to kill at least 25 for each location. Your quest journal will not specify how many kills you need. These can be done in any order.
  2. Return to Shul'da in Jarsath Wastes ( 769, -21, 623 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI. Don't forget to use the Eye of Thalger so you can see her.

A Sleeping Stone: The Stone Awakens[]

  1. Shul'da will send you to speak to Hollen the Runesage in Teren's Grasp, Kylong Plains.

A Sleeping Stone: Old Man Across the Sea[]

  1. Hollen will send you to speak to his Grandfather, Takk. He's in Elddar Grove, Qeynos Province District, near the creek ( 698, -17, -335 ) Copy.

A Sleeping Stone: Dark Shadows[]

  1. Travel to The Hidden Vale. It's Antonica, the exact same location as the Shattered Vale. Only players of level 80 or higher may enter the instance. The instance is full of aggressive level 80^^ human cultists, and several 80^^^ darkened spirits circling the druid ring in the center of the zone. The instance can be soloed at 90 and probably moloed at 80.
  2. Kill 6 of the darkened spirits, which are overconned and significantly weaker than the cultists.
  3. Once they are dead, click on the altar at the center of the ring
  4. Return to Takk in Qeynos Province District. He gives you three quests that can be completed in any order.

The three quests[]

Takk sends you on a mission to obtain the parts of the Epic Weapon. He asks you to speak to three True Spirits (each with its own separate quest), but in order to get to them you have to reach their private spiritual plane. To do so you must find the altar to zone into A Spiritual Pocket somewhere on Norrath. He also takes your Eye of Thalger since you won't need it for the next steps.

This was once a quest, A Sleeping Stone: The Footsteps of Thalger, which was itself to complete the three subquests below. The series was later streamlined to remove that quest.

A Sleeping Stone: Dark Enlightenment[]

  1. Seek out the first True Spirit: Hulgren, Spirit of Wisdom. His altar can be found in Hollowfrost Grove in Everfrost at ( -225, 5, -353 ) Copy, near the stags and numbfoots.
  2. Hulgren sends you to find an ancient tome located somewhere in Kunark. Go to Charasis: Vault of Eternal Sleep in Jarsath Wastes. You will find the update (a large book) in the trap to the right (if leaving the room) of the door leading to the final name. ( 5, -17, -191 ) Copy You must be able to speak Death's Whisper to pick up the tome.
  3. Return to Hulgren and report your success.
  4. Obtain a spiritwood branch. Go to Kylong Plains and locate a rare wood node labelled "a branch of spiritwood", then harvest. The quest will complete when you have done this.
    • Note: As of 2021 the node can be tracked with your Track Harvesting skill. The easiest way to find it is to turn on Track Harvesting, then fly from one sokokar post to another and jump off as soon as the node appears on your track list.
    • For a list of possible spawn locations, see the talk page.

A Sleeping Stone: Restoring Valor[]

  1. Seek out the second True Spirit: Rel'dekk, Spirit of Preservation. His altar can be found in The Thundering Steppes near ( 475, -1, 740 ) Copy, not far from the crater mine.
  2. Locate and cleanse The Defiled Tomb of Valor, a special instance of The Tomb of Valor. Group members must be 80+ to enter. A well geared 90 should be able to solo it.
    1. Clear the various types of Sellok Cultists (80^^ Heroics)
    2. Kill Serrin Trelmist
      • Serrin Trelmist heals for 2% every time he receives melee damage. Use ranged attacks and spells to defeat him. The tank should turn auto-attack off and taunt only. Serrin is immune to root. He also has some sort of ability (no icon) that prevents affected characters from doing anything useful.
    3. Click the 8 sarcophagi
  3. Return to Rel'dekk
  4. Find an earthvine stalk in Kunzar Jungle. As with the spiritwood branch it now can be found via Track Harvesting, with the most efficient way to find it flying between the sokokar posts and jumping off as soon as it appears on track.

A Sleeping Stone: Great Beasts[]

  1. The third True Spirit is Grossh, oldest of the three. His altar can be found in The Feerrott at ( -609, -2, 158 ) Copy, near the Altar of the Four Canons.
  2. Grossh sends you to gather the claws of four different creatures of Kunark. You can gather these claws in any order. Note that you can gather the claws before speaking to Grossh if you are already on the questline to find him - thus the turn in can be done the first time you meet him after updating the quest by speaking with him.
  3. Return to Grossh in The Feerrott and turn in the claws to update the quest.

A Sleeping Stone: The Cudgel of Obviation[]

When you have received all the parts of the Epic Weapon from the Three Quests, return to Takk. He gives you a Loosely Bound Cudgel and returns your Eye of Thalger.

  1. Head to a special version of the Shattered Vale, Hidden Vale. All group members must be level 80+.
  2. Kill all the darkened spirits (80^^^H) to spawn Shade of Sellok.
  3. Kill the Shade of Sellok
    • While fighting him, he continuously spawns shrieking phantasms (level 80 evencon heroic)
    • At 25% health Shade of Sellok becomes invisible. You must use your Eye of Thalger. It gives you a 45 second duration buff that allows you to see him. Group members won't be able to see him but they can target him through you. If it expires simply cast it again.
  4. Equip the Loosely Bound Cudgel and click the altar to destroy it.
  5. Return to Takk in Qeynos Province District


Mythical Weapon[]

To acquire the mythical version of this weapon, please see the related quest Awakening the Cudgel.

Epic Conversion[]

  1. Epic Conversion Timeline

This timeline details the quests for the fabled and mythical versions of a class's Epic Weapon.

You must be at least Level 80 in order to start/complete this quest line. The Fabled version of the epic requires only completing content of heroic difficulty at maximum, while the Mythical version requires completing several Epic encounters, culminating in one inside Veeshan's Peak.