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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Jarsath Wastes  (AA)
Journal Level 77 (Tier 8)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Jarsath Wastes more
How to Start Warlord Sel'Nok ( -997, -67, -977 ) /waypoint -997, -67, -977
part of: Jarsath Wastes Timeline
Preceded by:
Off to See the Warlord
Followed by:
Information Highway

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Note: if Warlord Sel'Nok don't give you the quest, reapply Guise of Pursuit if you have it for every quest he gives.

  1. Kill 15 Danak regimentals near Howling Stones post or around ( 127, -26, -51 ) /waypoint 127, -26, -51
    • Each kill reduces your faction with the Legion of Danak by 100 points. If, however, you use your merc to get the updates or is you use a pet and do not get too close, there appears to be no faction impact.
    • From the Howling Stones post and around the corner to the left is a good number of Danak Regimentals needed to kill to fulfill his request.
  2. Return to Warlord Sel'Nok ( -997, -67, -977 ) /waypoint -997, -67, -977


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