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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Tenebrous Tangle  (AA)
Journal Level 58 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Tenebrous Tangle more
How to Start Examining a stone on the eastern wall of the Stonesetters pyramid at ( 256, 11, -87 ) Copy on Temple Grounds
part of: Tenebrous Tangle Timeline
Preceded by:
Intercepting Stones
Followed by:
A Path Revealed
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Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Kill Scaleborn stonesetters for 4 common tablet updates.
  2. Travel to Gazer Isle. Cloud station at ( 295, 10, -84 ) Copy. Go to the centre of the temple on Gazer isle for a quest update.
  3. Center of temple ( 923, 456, -13 ) Copy has a wandering "ravenous gazer" there has more information (non-aggro) once you have located the temple (above). He tells you his name is Glutton, but is not named (spot the icon above his head).
  4. He then sends you off to speak to Grumglub the Froglok, back near Tenebrous Landing.
  5. Grumglub sends you back to Gazer isle to find his precious recipes carved onto the stone benches on Gazer Isle. Some of the benches, like the pillars, are difficult to find the mouse-over point.
    • 761, 459, -118 ) Copy (Eye Goulash) -- top of small, flat bench.
    • 856, 454, 91 ) Copy (Dragonfly Soup) -- Waterfalls Tome is collected from this same bench.
    • 937, 457, -26 ) Copy (Crispy Wing Stuffed Tentacles)
    • 914, 456, -33 ) Copy (Retinal Radish Soup) -- corner group, one pointing "out"
    • 1015, 468, -122 ) Copy (Gloompall Gaseous Stew) -- bench pointing towards tree
    • 983, 468, -129 ) Copy (Ale Cheese Soup in a Bread Bowl) -- top of bench closest to mountain.
    • 839, 463, -82 ) Copy (Flatbread Fairy Fondue) -- top of small flat bench, underneath longer pillar.
  6. The quest then updates automatically and you have a number of mobs to kill on Gazer Isle for the recipe ingredients:
    • 10 Dragon Fly Fairies
    • 6 Evil eyes
    • 5 Gazers (NOTE: Gazers update both the Evil Eyes and Gazer recipe ingredients for this quest)
    WARNING to provisioners: Default faction with the Gloompall Fairies is high threatening - killing ten of these will take you to scowling (KoS / kill on sight) and gathering from around them will no longer be peaceful. I have not found any way to build up fame again with those fairies (10. october 2006).
  7. You give these ingredients back to Glutton, the Ravenous Gazer, and he sends you back to your "Empire Agent" (Spearhead for Qeynosians, Freeport Emissary for Freeportians).

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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