Murdunk's Fall

Murdunk's Fall

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone The Feerrott (Shattered Lands)
Location Northwestern part of the zone; water source for both the Anaconda River and the Greenblood River ( -310, 6, 143 ) /waypoint -310, 6, 143
Discovery Location (AA) Yes

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Draining from a water source unreachable Murdunk's Fall spills into the jungle floor. Two nostrils pour forth gushing green water, the blood of the ogre hero Murdunk as the orge myths record. Murdunk was the destroyer of the Rathe Council, gods of the earthen plane. He slew them and formed the Rathe Mountains and became legend. But it was here at the foothills of the Rathe Moutains that the dead gods of earth had their revenge as Murdunk slipped from a single loosened pebble and plummeted to his death at this very spot, his blood forming the Greenblood River of the jungle.

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