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EverQuest II Achievement Information
Much Seru About Nothing
Category: Exploration

Subcategory: Blood of Luclin

Find the points of interest within Sanctus Seru

Ostius Seru
Forum Meridium
Quadrus Explorus
Quadrus Magus
Sorcerer's Sanctuarium
Mort Pulpitum
Arx Oculus
Domus Dilectum
Aula Aeternia
Vicus Pectoris
Animus Seru
Cos Seru
Luminary Athenaeum

Pool of Reconciliation
Forum Septentrium
Luminae Symphonaestra
Magus Incrementum
Civitas Inferne
Hortus Cultellorum
Vicus Canticus
Arx Pectoris
Quadrus Divinus
Arx Scala
Quadrus Palladus
The Grand Spectaculum

Daybreak Games

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When completed by myself and many guild mates we have all received an Overseer agent or Quest as a reward for completing this achievement. I understand it is not shown in the Journal but thought it may be worth mentioning.

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