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Norrath has a simple monetary system. It consists of pieces of copper, silver, gold, and platinum. Each material is worth 100 of the lesser. For instance, 2 platinum = 200 gold = 20,000 silver = 2,000,000 copper.

Most players of the game, as well as the game itself, abbreviate the costs by simply using the first letter. For instance, 5 gold, 27 silver and 18 copper can be written as 5g27s18c. The game uses commas: 5g, 27s, 18c.

Moving Coin[]

To move money, click and hold a coin denomination while dragging.

If you wish to move just a single coin, hold the [Ctrl] key while clicking and dragging.

To move a portion of a stack of coins, hold the [Shift] key while clicking and dragging; a window will open in which you may specify how much money you want to pick up.

This method may be used at bankers to 'make change'. If you have a higher currency in the bank, you may use the shift-drag on a lower currency icon as if you had 100 of that currency.

For details on coin-splitting with images, see bank.

Wiki Formatting[]

Within this Wiki, Coin can be expressed (with proper formatting) by using the Template: Coin.


"sp" being Status Points.


1p 2g 3s 4c 5 status

Any denomination can be skipped by leaving that space blank, but remember to leave the | ('pipes', created by typing Shift + \, which is above the enter key) in place.


1p 3s 5 status