Mithaniel Marr
Deity symbol mithanielmarr
The Truthbringer
Alignment - Good
Prophet - Sir Bayden Cauldthorn

Mithaniel Marr, the Truthbringer, governs the Plane of Valor. Mithaniel is the ultimate paladin who wears a full suit of shining silver plate armor and wields a glowing longsword. Mithaniel Marr, who owes his existence to Tarew Marr, leader of the Triumvirate of Water, is allied with Erollisi Marr and Karana. He counts Innoruuk, Cazic-Thule, and Bertoxxulous among his enemies. He has a friendly rivalry with Solusek Ro. [Source]

Accepting Your DeityEdit

Speak with Sir Bayden Cauldthorn in Kelethin, just north of the Kelethin Research Library, in a small building at ( 168, 112, 95 ) /waypoint 167.77, 111.88, 95.33.

Devotion QuestsEdit

  1. Building an Altar of Valor (20)
  2. Beacon of Courage (35)(heroic)
  3. Eternal Rivalries (50)(heroic)
  4. A Deeper History of the Truthbringer (65)(solo)
  5. The Trials of the Truthbringer (70)(heroic)


Mithaniel Marr Blessings and Miracles

Praying to Mithaniel Marr

Blessing Name Favor Description
Valor of Marr 750 Increase parry and damage proc
Glorious Steed 875 Summon Mount (55% speed), parry increase and dps buff
Pious Patience 1000 25% increase for all divine Healing spells but 15% longer cast
Marr's Perseverance 1125 Increase max health (500)
Mark of Mithaniel 1250 damage interception


Miracle Name Favor Description
Truthbringer 1125 Buff (wis, hategain, melee crit, dps)
Sacrifice of Marr 1312 Heal (75% of max health) and damage shield
Honor's Call 1500 Summon pet, groupheal and aoe stun
Valorous Service 1687 ward (5000), intercept and groupheal
Marr's Barrier 1875 self stoneskin 10 times (20 sec duration)


Pet Cloak Avatar
Valiant Beast Cloak of Valor Avatar of Valor
Valiant Beast (vis) Cloak of Valor (worn) Avatar of Valor

Attributed Creations (with help of his twin)

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