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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Zek, the Scourge Wastes (Solo)  (AA)
Journal Level 100 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Zek, the Scourge Wastes (Solo) more
How to Start Speak to Grassblade in Green Hood Landing ( -18, -42, 445 ) /waypoint -17.53, -42.15, 444.72
part of: Zek, the Scourge Wastes Timeline
Preceded by:
Seek the Sneak
Followed by:
Trapped in the Keep, Honor the Dead

What does this information mean?

Grassblade, an accomplished Green Hood burglar, was nearly caught by Scourge orcs at Fort Klag in Hounds' Gorge. He got out alive, but he dropped his satchel of blessed lockpicks. I've promised to recover them for him, in hopes of a favor.


A lock pick satchel

a lock pick satchel

  1. Find Grassblade's lock pick satchel.
    • Note: The satchel is located in Fort Klag in one of the tents ( -206, -28, -101 ) /waypoint -205.84, -27.56, -100.77 Eq2map (other locations inside the various tents are possible). Click the satchel.
  2. Find 8 of Grassblade's lock picks by slaying Scourge orcs in the fort. (Plenty of Orcs in Hounds' Gorge, to the east, work as well.)
  3. Return to Grassblade.


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