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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Miscellaneous
Journal Level 65 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Greater Faydark more
How to Start The quest is initiated by talking to Teriniu Featherlight, a Koada'Dal in Greater Faydark near the zone-in to Steamfont Mountains. ( -370, 14, 183 ) /waypoint -370, 14, 183

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  1. Teriniu asks you to find clues about his sister's whereabouts. Updates are clickable, so you can get them while mobs are trying to kill you and probably also while invis.
    1. Go near the New Tunaria zone-in in Greater Faydark.
    2. Find a hammer right in front of the NPC guard Commander Marcus Traeis ( -1005, 83, 656 ) /waypoint -1005, 83, 656
    3. Return to Teriniu
  2. Teriniu describes what else we could look for, jewelry and armor is mentioned.
    1. Enter New Tunaria.
    2. Find an earring by turning right on the first bridge and following the trail down. Before you get to the stone walkway there is a turnoff just past two sentries. (The earring is very small, but has a bright color. ( -41, 25, -795 ) /waypoint -41, 25, -795
      Earring New Tunaria

      The earring (maximum zoom on 1024x768 resolution)

    3. Return to Teriniu
  3. You tell him you'll gather some companions and get more evidence.
    1. Enter New Tunaria.
    2. Find a piece of armor by taking the trail going north, after having passed the Hall of Truth (the big temple you can see shortly after entering the zone.) ( -535, 69, -1078 ) /waypoint -535, 69, -1078
    3. Return to Teriniu
  4. Teriniu has given up all hope, but we continue.
    1. Enter New Tunaria.
    2. Find the body of a dead female elf in New Tunaria on a rock in middle of water ( -765, -2, -1202 ) /waypoint -765, -2, -1202 and hail her.
      1. If you can't see the corpse, despite the presence of an update icon on the map, type "/tar a dead elf" and press the Enter key. You should see "a dead elf" appear on your target and hailing should update your task (at least that's what worked for me)(If you still can't see the elf type /hail and press the enter key, this should update your quest).
      2. "/tar a dead elf" works on the Rock, not in the lake water.
  5. Return to Teriniu for your reward


  • At least 9g 85s 50c
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