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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Tradeskill
Journal Level 110 (Tier 12)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Cobalt Scar more
How to Start Speak to Whilhelm Nam'terin ( 3822, -1020, 1863 ) /waypoint 3821.94, -1020.05, 1863.29
part of: Mischief and Mayhem Crafting Timeline
Preceded by:
Mischief Managed: Duty and the Beast
Followed by:
Mischief Managed: The Anchorage

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  1. Seek out Hibbie Feltfoot at ( -97, -24, -95 ) /waypoint -97, -24, -95 in Rivervale.
  2. Hail Hibbie and convince her to join the Anchorage.
    • This is the successful dialog:
      • You: Hail, Hibbie Felfoot
      • Hibbie: If it's pies you are looking for, I got some bad news for you!
      • You: Mmmmm pie. That sounds amazing!
      • Hibbie: Pie, pie, pie... That is all anyone here seems to care about. Why can't customers ask for a savory soufflé or something... Anything other than pie.
      • You: Would you want to research all sorts of different types of foods, it would be a real opportunity to make something truly unique and even get help selling them.
      • Hibbie: I wouldn't have to deal with customers? But, what about my glowing personality?
      • You: You are more than welcome interacting with customers if you want, but its not forced.
      • Hibbie: Interesting...
      • You: Would you like to know more?
      • Hibbie: I guess so. No strings, right?
      • You: No strings. I come from a place called the Anchorage. Its located in a place near the ocean with a great view! We are pooling resources to come up with new unique recipes in all areas of trade.
      • Hibbie: That... Actually sounds great.
      • You: Can we count you in?
      • Hibbie: Yes, I will give it a shot!
      • You: Okay, great! I will have someone send you a location to meet up with the rest of the recruited folks. See you there!
      • Hibbie: Great, I'm excited! You mentioned the ocean... There aren't sirens near there are there?
      • You: Oh my goodness! Look at the time. I have to get going. See you soon!
  3. Return to to Whilhelm Nam'terin in Cobalt Scar ( 3822, -1020, 1863 ) /waypoint 3821.94, -1020.05, 1863.29



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