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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Steamfont Mountains  (AA)
Journal Level 103 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Steamfont Mountains more
How to Start Click on the book at ( -1093, 160, 1640 ) /waypoint -1093, 160, 1640 to get A Gnome-Scribed Journal and read it
part of: Hero Bracers Timeline
Preceded by:
Followed by:
The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen!

What does this information mean?

Note: Starting book is *IMPOSSIBLE* to get to without flying mount.

Minotaurs Minotaurs

cliff ledge as seen from above overlooking Dragonscale Hills.


  1. Find the portal to the minotaur-infested Steamfont at ( -1235, 86, 927 ) /waypoint -1235, 86, 927 and enter Where The Minotaurs Go
    • Note: right click and use the portal, do not pick enter the portal and do not left click it. ("enter the portal" takes you to the wrong zone, and zoning out from there takes you to Paineel)
  • Note: Not a group-wide/zone-wide zone-in, but entire group can enter same instance.
  1. Move a few steps towards the encounter of a minotaur at ( -105, -22, 82 ) /waypoint -105, -22, 82.
    • Note: may need to invis yourself to get that update.
  2. Kill the minotaur horde (the encounter of a minotaur).
  3. Attack the Minotaur Hero and get him down to 21% then hail him.
    • Note:600 crit chance needed for this fight.
    • Note:bring a group he hits "kinda" (translated "extremely" -- killed decently geared level 100 warlock in 2 hits. Healer merc didn't have time to get off a single heal.) hard since an update
  4. Inspect the quest reward to advance the quest line


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