Mercs for Hire
Mercenaries are NPCs for hire. When you hire a mercenary it takes up a group slot, has a monetary fee, and takes a small slice of experience from your adv xp. In order to hire a mercenary, you must own the Age of Discovery expansion.

A mercenary's purchase price varies by level. There is a larger upfront fee (5 Plat at Level 90) the first time you acquire that mercenary (hence it is a good idea to hire your mercenary at a low level as they will become progressively more expensive at the higher levels). The mercenary will then charge you an upkeep fee every 30 minutes; this amount also is increased as you level up. Level 90 upkeep fee is 25g per 30 minutes or on a respawn, after the mercenary is killed. Once you dismiss the mercenary you must also pay the upkeep fee to bring them back. Like any group member, mercenaries take their cut of experience and coin, but they do not take loot items. Note that you can prevent the mercenary from taking any coin by going to Group Options and unchecking the Default Auto Split Coin box.


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Level range Upkeep Hiring
1 - 10 80c 1s
11 - 20 2s 4s
21 - 30 8s 20s
31 - 40 20s 40s
41 - 50 40s 20g
51 - 60 4g 30g
61 - 70 8g 60g
71 - 80 16g 1p 20g
81 - 95 20g 2p


There are many mercenaries to chose from: healer, tank, melee dps and caster dps. Healers and the dirge have a chance of actually rezzing you! No need to guess, their icons show their Archtype, and hailing them will tell you their class. Available types are Tanks, Healers, Melee DPS, Caster DPS, and Support mercenaries.

You can manage your mercenary's appearance clothing via your persona window. Add any armor you want to your mercenary to display, but remember that they will get no additional benefit from it. It's akin to equipping a mannequin; the armor will remain with you.

The suspend timer is 2 minutes. If you suspend your mercenary, you'll have to wait 2 minutes to unsuspend/resume them. When a mercenary dies, he becomes suspended. You can resume him from the mercenary window in your persona or you can type /merc resume. Each time you resume your mercenary, you will pay the upkeep.

If a mercenary loses too much confidence they will panic and suffer from a stat decrease. Avoid this by keeping aggro.

Right clicking on a Ranger Merc's Merc window will allow you to use the tracking skill.

Mercenary Slash Commands

  • /merc ranged
  • /merc melee
  • /mercname
  • /merc attack
  • /merc backoff
  • /merc suspend
  • /merc resume (unsuspends the mercenary)


If you see one mercenary hanging around, there's likely more nearby. It is possible to sneak into other cities and hire their mercenaries. Once you have hired "foreign" mercenaries, they will appear also in your alignment's Mercenary Den. These semi-instances are located in Qeynos (Basement of Fish's Alehouse, Qeynos Harbor) and Freeport (East Freeport, under the harbor building,  Eq2map)

Standard Mercenaries

Zone Location Name Class Map ref
Freeport Seafarer's Roost Outside/Upstairs Brenin Stoutheart Tank (Guardian) ( -220, -55, -3 ) /waypoint -220, -55, -3
Freeport Seafarer's Roost Outside/Upstairs Stamper Jeralf Healer (Inquisitor) ( -237, -55, 14 ) /waypoint -237, -55, 14
Freeport Behind Seafarer's Roost Outside/Upstairs Bellut Shortsong Support Bard (Dirge) ( -252, -55, -13 ) /waypoint -252, -55, -13
Freeport In the room under Seafarer's Roost Sscire Slitherscale Melee DPS (Assassin) ( -241, -273, -1 ) /waypoint -241, -273, -1
Freeport In the room under Seafarer's Roost ( -243, -65, -10 ) /waypoint -243, -65, -10 Dinaris Jounst Melee DPS (Brigand)
Freeport In the room under Seafarer's Roost ( -243, -65, -10 ) /waypoint -243, -65, -10 Gaeri Tallspire Caster DPS (Warlock) ( -215, -273, -7 ) /waypoint -215, -273, -7
Qeynos Harbor Outside of the Fish's Alehouse and Inn Jennis Proudhilt Tank (Paladin) ( 816, -23, 67 ) /waypoint 816, -23, 67
Qeynos Harbor Inside of the Fish's Alehouse and Inn Bildi Pieflinger Support Bard (Troubadour) ( 814, -23, 60 ) /waypoint 814, -23, 60
Qeynos Harbor Inside of the Fish's Alehouse and Inn Kyren Darkcloud Melee DPS (Swashbuckler) ( 812, -23, 58 ) /waypoint 812, -23, 58
Qeynos Harbor Inside of the Fish's Alehouse and Inn Bdorn Alehammer Healer (Templar) ( 804, -24, 62 ) /waypoint 804, -24, 62
Qeynos Harbor Inside of the Fish's Alehouse and Inn Firus Scorchtouch Caster DPS (Wizard) ( 803, -23, 69 ) /waypoint 803, -23, 69
Qeynos Harbor Inside of the Fish's Alehouse and Inn Kell Silentfang Melee DPS / Tank (Monk) ( 811, -23, 43 ) /waypoint 811, -23, 43
New Halas Coldwind Hall Bordis Glacierbane Caster DPS (Conjuror) ( 93, 154, -172 ) /waypoint 93, 154, -172
New Halas Coldwind Hall Nevis Yewkus Healer (Mystic) ( 92, 154, -175 ) /waypoint 92, 154, -175
Kelethin Jysolin Pub Trundo Flitterfling Ranged DPS (Ranger) ( 195, 108, 348 ) /waypoint 195, 108, 348
Kelethin Jysolin Pub Keyrin Curetouch Healer (Warden) ( 197, 108, 349 ) /waypoint 197, 108, 349
Gorowyn city complex Denva Loogei Tank (Berserker) ( 2623, 66, 1167 ) /waypoint 2623, 66, 1167
Gorowyn city complex Blurt Grasplung Healer (Defiler) ( 2626, 66, 1172 ) /waypoint 2626, 66, 1172
Neriak Near DLW entry Gandol Deathwing Caster DPS (Necromancer) ( -10, 17, -40 ) /waypoint -10, 17, -40
Neriak Near DLW entry Vittia Direshadow Tank (Shadowknight) ( -9, 18, -35 ) /waypoint -9, 18, -35

Not in game yet:

  • Beastlord
  • Bruiser
  • Coercer
  • Illusionist
  • Fury

Ancient Mercenaries

The Ancient Mercenaries have bonuses when used within Skyshrine. To hire an Ancient Mercenary, you must be able to go to Skyshrine: The Forbidden City of Dracur via the portal in Skyshrine at ( -33, 0, -9 ) /waypoint -33, 0, -9 (10,000 Claws of Veeshan faction required). Note- In order to speak/hire them it requires you to have completed To Speak as a Dragon quest. In order to get the key that will unlock the mercenaries, you need to defeat Dozekar in the quest; Revelations in the Temple. This is the final quest in a series that begins in Skyshrine: The City of Dracur. Speak to Hazhem (10.33, 1.36, -12.49) to begin the quest. Bring Overstocked Manastones with you, as you will be drained of power quite often. After you kill Dozekar, turn in your quest to receive the key. Return to the starting zone in Skyshrine and use the portal Skyshrine; The Forbidden City of Dracur (-29.59, -0.41, -7.17). In one of three zones there you will find and be able to unlock your mercenary. Good luck.

Ancient Mercenaries cost 5p to hire and 25g upkeep every 30 minutes (at level 90).

Elite Mercenaries

Information on Elite Mercenaries is... that they're rare and more powerful. The Elite Mercenaries roam the world until hired, after which that mercenary will despawn for a while from the world, so there will be gaps between players being able to find them.

Elite Mercenaries are more expensive than normal mercenaries. They cost 5p to hire and 50g upkeep every 30 minutes (at level 90 - 95). All their spells are mastered, they do not return to start locations like the rest of the normal mercenaries when dismissed.

The suspend timer is 5 minutes. If you suspend your mercenary, you'll have to wait 5 minutes to unsuspend/resume them. When a mercenary dies, s/he becomes suspended. You can resume him/her from the mercenary window in your persona or you can type /merc resume. Each time you resume your mercenary, you will pay the upkeep.

Reported locations for the various Elite Mercenaries below will be found on their individual pages. Tracking or even asking a guard can also give you clues as to their current location.

Zone Name Class Race
The Stonebrunt Highlands Matri Dut Brigand Nayad
Nektulos Forest Kenny Mystic Moppet
The Withered Lands Perrin Wanderhoof
must speak Druzaic to hire
Fury Corrupted Satyr

Special Mercenaries

SOE Live Mercenaries

Available as a /claim item only for those who attended SOE Live 2012.

Zone Name Class Race Map Ref
Qeynos Province District Dashenti Lasheris (Qeynos) Shadowknight Vampire ( 799, -253, 34 ) /waypoint 799, -253, 34
The City of Freeport Dashenti Lasheris (Freeport) Shadowknight Vampire ( -211, -273, 2 ) /waypoint -211, -273, 2

Chains of Eternity Collectors Edition Mercenaries

Available only for those who purchased the Chains of Eternity Collectors Edition.

"Mercs are per character. You can choose either the Templar or the Paladin Lujien (werewolf) in Freeport or Qeynos mercenary dens. They will both be available for you to hire on all your characters.

The Collector's Edition mercs have significantly higher stats and confidence than the standard mercs (they can take a lot more of a challenge before they cower/debuff).

The Collector's Edition mercs will cost the same to hire as the standard mercs."

Zone Name Class Race Map Ref
Qeynos Province District Krivix Honorclaw Paladin Lujien ( 810, -253, 20 ) /waypoint 810, -253, 20
The City of Freeport Krivix Honorclaw Paladin Lujien ( -220, -273, -10 ) /waypoint -220, -273, -10
Qeynos Province District Krivok Honorclaw Templar Lujien ( 813, -253, 20 ) /waypoint 813, -253, 20
The City of Freeport Krivok Honorclaw Templar Lujien ( -218, -273, -10 ) /waypoint -218, -273, -10

Chains of Eternity Mercenaries

Hireable after you loot their respective (coins/contracts) from a heroic CoE instance.

Zone Name Class Race Map Ref
Obol Plains Captain Bloodstain Berserker Ogre On the docks near the entrance of The Dreadcutter
Eidolon Jungle Kilphin Assassin Lizardman Outside of Temple of the Faceless
Obol Plains Dolsie Songspinner Troubador Wood Elf ( 284, 6, 852 ) /waypoint 284, 6, 852
Jarsath Wastes Raghnagt the Gnawer Brigand Ashlok ( -1132, 123, 1989 ) /waypoint -1132, 123, 1989 in Wurmbone Cleft
Jarsath Wastes Yadeht Fohctac Warden Yha-lei ( -720, -50, 1419 ) /waypoint -719.84, -50.41, 1418.83

Tinkerfest Mercenaries

Hireable after you complete the The Reticent Tinkerer quest in Steamfont Mountains during Tinkerfest. They can be located inside Redd's Abode ( -533, -176, 1013 ) /waypoint -533, -176, 1013which is located in the Gnomeland Security Headquarters in Steamfont Mountains. Access to Redd's Abode is available after Tinkerfest as long as your character has completed the quest during Tinkerfest.

Zone Name Class Race
Redd's Abode Tik-Tank Mk III Eliminator Clockwork
Redd's Abode Dok-Tok Mk III Equalizer Clockwork

Comparison Table of Mercenary Stats at Level 95


Work in progress: Mercenary stats are now more affected by character stats and have been upgraded with Tears of Veeshan. This table has not been updated to reflect new stats.

Mercenary has self or group buff that affects this stat = *

Name Krivix Honorclaw Krivok HonorclawCaptain BloodstainKennyDolsie SongspinnerDok-Tok Mk IIITik-Tank Mk III
Ab Mod1,5001,5001,5001,5001,500500500
Hate 0%0%0%0%-42.2%*0%100%
Primary Weapon
Damage x Multi12,504-20,1846,417-10,2939,579-15,24914,100-225848,958-14,4125,571-9,1117,581-12,399

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