Mercs for Hire


Mercenaries are NPCs for hire. When you hire or summon a mercenary it takes up a group slot and has a monetary fee. In order to hire a mercenary, you must either:

  • Own the Age of Discovery expansion (having purchased when it was a new release).
  • Own the Kunark Ascending expansion, which also allows the mercenaries to be trained and equipped with stat gear.

Hiring MercenariesEdit

To hire a mercenary the first time you will have to meet him/her/it at the locations listed in the tables below.

When you want to hire a Merc keep in mind that some are ...

  • always at a default location
  • always at a default location, but need an item obtained in order to see them
  • spawning at several possible locations and times in a zone

You can see your hired mercenaries in your Character (persona) window by pressing C and clicking on the Mercenary Tab

  • Only one mercenary can be active at the time. Most of the mercenaries are shown as "Restricted" or locked in the persona window, which means you have to travel back to the mercenary's hire location to meet the merc to re-hire.
  • It is possible to unlock a mercenary, which allows you to summon him/her/it anywhere in Norrath for 150 DBC.

Related changes/notes to merc

Gear and TrainingEdit

If you have the Expansion Kunark Ascending you can equip gear on your mercenary and you can train them. In order to do this you need to get out the mercenary you want to train or equip with gear and then press the big blue square symbol next to your active mercenaries name.

  • You can then switch between the appearance gear and the stat gear/training screen with the 2 buttons on the top.


  • This is gear purely for stats and has no appearance. Some mercenaries can additionally wear appearance gear ( i.e. weapons) even without Kunark Ascending Expansion
  • Mercenaries can get a bit more dps and survive longer with better gear. The "Merc Gear" has the tag "MERC-ONLY" on them or use the accolade slot.
  • Note that mercenaries can also wear regular armor in the available slots, not just that flagged for mercs. Mercs can wear as many relics as desired.
  • Merc armor also has an effect on unlisted stats such as casting speed and recast. The effect is seen in the spell tooltips.
  • White, purple, etc. runes don't seem to work for mercs.
  • Gear slots by Merc level:
    1. Head, Chest, 2 Accolades
    2. Forearms
    3. +1 Accolade
    4. Shoulders
    5. +1 Accolade
    6. Hands
    7. +1 Accolade
    8. Legs
    9. +1 Accolade
    10. Feet, +1 Accolade
    11. +1 Accolade every 2 levels, i.e., Level 12, 14, 16, 18, 20


  • Training of a mercenary can be done passively. Take out the merc you want to train, tell him to train and call him again after X days.
    • Level 1 -> Level 2: 3 Days
    • Level 2 -> Level 3: 5 Days
    • Level 3 -> Level 4: 7 Days
    • Level 4 -> Level 5: 9 Days
    • Level 5 -> Level 6: 11 Days
    • Level 6 -> Level 7: 13 Days
    • Level 7 -> Level 8: 15 Days
    • Level 8 -> Level 9: 17 Days
    • Level 9 -> Level 10: 19 Days
    • Level 10 -> Level 11: 21 Days (* this was changed to 10days more info coming on updated numbers)
    • Level 11 -> Level 12: 23 Days
    • Level 12 -> Level 13: 25 Days
    • Level 13 -> Level 14: 27 Days
    • Level 14 -> Level 15: 29 Days
    • Level 15 -> Level 16: 31 Days
    • Level 16 -> Level 17: 33 Days
    • Level 17 -> Level 18: 35 Days
    • Level 18 -> Level 19: 37 Days
    • Level 19 -> Level 20: 39 Days
  • With the Kunark Ascending Expansion, it is possible to train a mercenary to a maximum level of 5, which takes 24 days per mercenary.
  • With the Planes of Power Expansion, it is possible to train a mercenary to a maximum level of 10, which takes 99 days per mercenary.
  • With the Chaos Descending Expansion, it is possible to train a mercenary to a maximum level of 20, which takes 399 days per mercenary.


Level range Upkeep
1 - 10 80c
11 - 20 2s
21 - 30 8s
31 - 40 20s
41 - 50 40s
51 - 60 4g
61 - 70 8g
71 - 80 16g
81 - 100 20g

The mercenary will charge you an upkeep fee every 30 minutes, this amount is increased as you level up.

For example, the level 90 upkeep fee is 20g or 50g per 30 minutes or on a respawn, after the mercenary is killed, depending on if the mercenary is standard or not.

Once you dismiss the mercenary you must also pay the upkeep fee to bring them back or use the Marketplace to buy a "Hire Anywhere" unlock for the mercenary. This feature unlock is accessed from the Mercenary tab of the Character window. Open the tab and click the Hire Anywhere button (looks like a green +) next to the name of mercenaries you previously "met" out in the world and hired.

Note: Special mercenaries may require a higher salary than shown in this table.


There are many mercenaries to chose from. Healers and dirges have a chance of actually rezzing you! No need to guess, their icons show their archetype, and hailing them will tell you their class. Available types are Tanks, Healers, Melee DPS, Caster DPS, and Support mercenaries.

You can manage your mercenary's appearance clothing via your persona window. Add any armor you want to your mercenary to display, but remember that they will get no additional benefit from it. It's akin to equipping a mannequin; the armor will remain with you.

The suspend timer is 1 minute. If you suspend your mercenary, you'll have to wait 1 minute to use /resume to bring them back. When a mercenary dies, s/he becomes suspended. You can resume him/her from the mercenary window in your Persona window, or you can type /merc resume. Each time you resume your mercenary, you will pay the upkeep.

Right clicking on a Ranger Mercenary will allow you to use the tracking skill.

There are 3 additional options for mercs (compared to pets)

  • Follow: the mercenary will follow the selected character in the group.
  • Protect: the mercenary will attack anything that attacked the selected character as well as healing/curing that character.
  • Assist: the mercenary will attack the target that the selected character is attacking.


  • A healer merc: follow the healer character in the group, assist "None", and protect the tank.
  • DPS merc: Follow the dps, assist the tank, protect "none".
  • Tank merc (with a solo char): follow, assist and protect the character. If you don't want to take the first hit, send the merc in before you attack the target.

Mercenary ConfidenceEdit

Mercenaries have a Confidence mechanic. Mercenaries will fight for you, but the pay isn’t necessarily worth dying for! If too many (or too powerful) enemies are hitting your hired mercenary, the mercenary will cower and lose much effectiveness until the situation changes.

Tank mercenaries have a higher Confidence than non-fighter mercenaries.

Although mercenaries who have lost Confidence appear to stop all other actions and just stand there cowering, in actuality they don’t stop fighting, healing, or curing. Instead their effectiveness is reduced, with Potency being most affected.

Slash CommandsEdit

  • /merc ranged
  • /merc melee
  • /mercname
  • /merc attack
  • /merc backoff
  • /merc preserve_self
  • /merc preserve_master
  • /merc suspend
  • /merc resume (unsuspends the mercenary)
  • /cl_ignore_merc_chatter {true/false}
  • /togglemerc (Toggles the display of the Mercenary information and command UI window)

How to ObtainEdit

If you see one mercenary hanging around, there's likely more nearby. It is possible to sneak into other cities and hire their mercenaries. Once you have hired "foreign" mercenaries, they will appear also in your alignment's Mercenary Den.

These semi-instances are located in Qeynos (Basement of Fish's Alehouse and Inn, Qeynos Harbor) and Freeport (Seafarer's Roost in East Freeport, ( -243, -66, -10 ) /waypoint -243, -66, -10).

Original MercenariesEdit

These are the easy to hire mercenaries that were introduced when the mercenary feature launched with Age of Discovery.

Zone Location Name Race Class Map ref
Freeport Seafarer's Roost Outside/Upstairs Brenin Stoutheart Human Tank (Guardian) ( -220, -55, -3 ) /waypoint -220, -55, -3
Freeport Seafarer's Roost Outside/Upstairs Stamper Jeralf Ratonga Healer (Inquisitor) ( -237, -55, 14 ) /waypoint -237, -55, 14
Freeport Behind Seafarer's Roost Outside/Upstairs Bellut Shortsong Gnome Support Bard (Dirge) ( -252, -55, -13 ) /waypoint -252, -55, -13
Freeport In the room under Seafarer's Roost Sscire Slitherscale Iksar Melee DPS (Assassin) ( -241, -273, -1 ) /waypoint -241, -273, -1
Freeport In the room under Seafarer's Roost Dinaris Jounst Half-Elf Melee DPS (Brigand) ( -243, -65, -10 ) /waypoint -243, -65, -10
Freeport In the room under Seafarer's Roost ( -243, -65, -10 ) /waypoint -243, -65, -10 Gaeri Tallspire Erudite Caster DPS (Warlock) ( -215, -273, -7 ) /waypoint -215, -273, -7
Qeynos Harbor Outside of Fish's Alehouse and Inn Jennis Proudhilt Human Tank (Paladin) ( 816, -23, 67 ) /waypoint 816, -23, 67
Qeynos Harbor Inside of Fish's Alehouse and Inn Bildi Pieflinger Halfling Support Bard (Troubadour) ( 814, -23, 60 ) /waypoint 814, -23, 60
Qeynos Harbor Inside of Fish's Alehouse and Inn Kyren Darkcloud Wood Elf Melee DPS (Swashbuckler) ( 812, -23, 58 ) /waypoint 812, -23, 58
Qeynos Harbor Inside of Fish's Alehouse and Inn Bdorn Alehammer Dwarf Healer (Templar) ( 804, -24, 62 ) /waypoint 804, -24, 62
Qeynos Harbor Inside of Fish's Alehouse and Inn Firus Scorchtouch High Elf Caster DPS (Wizard) ( 803, -23, 69 ) /waypoint 803, -23, 69
Qeynos Harbor Inside of Fish's Alehouse and Inn Kell Silentfang Kerran Melee DPS / Tank (Monk) ( 811, -23, 43 ) /waypoint 811, -23, 43
New Halas Coldwind Hall Bordis Glacierbane Coldain Caster DPS (Conjuror) ( 93, 154, -172 ) /waypoint 93, 154, -172
New Halas Coldwind Hall Nevis Yewkus Barbarian Healer (Mystic) ( 92, 154, -175 ) /waypoint 92, 154, -175
Kelethin Jysolin's Pub Trundo Flitterfling Fae Ranged DPS (Ranger) ( 195, 108, 348 ) /waypoint 195, 108, 348
Kelethin Jysolin's Pub Keyrin Curetouch Wood Elf Healer (Warden) ( 197, 108, 349 ) /waypoint 197, 108, 349
Gorowyn City Complex Denva Loogei Sarnak Tank (Berserker) ( 2623, 66, 1167 ) /waypoint 2623, 66, 1167
Gorowyn City Complex Blurt Grasplung Ogre Healer (Defiler) ( 2626, 66, 1172 ) /waypoint 2626, 66, 1172
Neriak Near the Darklight Wood entry Gandol Deathwing Arasai Caster DPS (Necromancer) ( -10, 17, -40 ) /waypoint -10, 17, -40
Neriak Near the Darklight Wood entry Vittia Direshadow Dark Elf Tank (Shadowknight) ( -9, 18, -35 ) /waypoint -9, 18, -35

Elite MercenariesEdit

Elite mercenaries are rare and more powerful. The elite mercenaries roam the world until hired, after which that mercenary will despawn for a while from the world, so there will be gaps between players being able to find them.

Elite mercenaries are more expensive than normal mercenaries. They cost 50g upkeep every 30 minutes (at level 90-95). All their spells are mastered, and they do not return to start locations like the rest of the normal mercenaries when dismissed.

The re-summon timer for elite mercenaries used to be 5 minutes, but this was changed to 1 minute with the December 17, 2013 patch.

Reported locations for the various elite mercenaries below will be found on their individual pages.

Zone Name Class Race
The Stonebrunt Highlands Matri Dut Brigand Nayad
Nektulos Forest Kenny Mystic Moppet
The Withered Lands Perrin Wanderhoof
must speak Druzaic to hire
Fury Corrupted Satyr

Unlockable MercenariesEdit

These mercenaries can be unlocked by finding their contract as a drop in certain zones/expansions.


The Ancient Mercenaries have bonuses when used within Skyshrine. To hire an Ancient Mercenary, you must be able to go to Skyshrine: The Forbidden City of Dracur via the portal in Skyshrine at ( -33, 0, -9 ) /waypoint -33, 0, -9 (10,000 Claws of Veeshan faction required).

Note: In order to speak/hire them it requires you to have completed To Speak as a Dragon quest.

In order to get the key that will unlock the mercenaries, you need to defeat Dozekar in the quest Revelations in the Temple. This is the final quest in a series that begins in Skyshrine: The City of Dracur. Speak to Hazhem ( 10, 1, -12 ) /waypoint 10.33, 1.36, -12.49 to begin the quest. After you kill Dozekar, turn in your quest to receive the key. Return to the starting zone in Skyshrine and use the portal to Skyshrine: The Forbidden City of Dracur (-29.59, -0.41, -7.17). In one of three zones there you will find and be able to unlock your mercenary.

Ancient Mercenaries cost 25g upkeep every 30 minutes (at level 90).

Zone Name Class Race Map Ref
Lyceum of the Recondite Laborine Construct Monk Golem ( 351, 0, 41 ) /waypoint 351, 0, 41
Dracur Prime Archon Construct Inquisitor Golem ( -343, 2, -19 ) /waypoint -343, 2, -19
Covenant District Demolisher Construct Brigand Golem ( 98, 1, -376 ) /waypoint 98, 1, -376

Chains of EternityEdit

Hireable after you loot their respective (coins/contracts) from a heroic Chains of Eternity instance.

Zone Name Class Race Map Ref
Obol Plains Captain Bloodstain Berserker Ogre On the docks near the entrance of The Dreadcutter
Eidolon Jungle Kilphin Assassin Lizardman Outside of Temple of the Faceless
Obol Plains Dolsie Songspinner Troubador Wood Elf ( 284, 6, 852 ) /waypoint 284, 6, 852
Jarsath Wastes Raghnagt the Gnawer Brigand Ashlok ( -1132, 123, 1989 ) /waypoint -1132, 123, 1989 in Wurmbone Cleft
Jarsath Wastes Yadeht Fohctac Warden Yha-lei ( -720, -50, 1419 ) /waypoint -719.84, -50.41, 1418.83

Tears of VeeshanEdit

[information needed]

Altar of MaliceEdit

The following are available after looting and examining their respective tokens, dropped in Altar of Malice instances:

Zone Name Class Race Map Ref
Death Weave Isle Lady Belizabart Killigrump Brigand Troll ( 267, 7, -872 ) /waypoint 267, 7, -872
Death Weave Isle Quaar the Feral Berserker Urzarach ( 909, 43, -972 ) /waypoint 909, 43, -972
Grim Shales Zun Tek'Xakra Troubador Akhevan ( -1123, 87, -1124 ) /waypoint -1123, 87, -1124
North Dshinn Lorr'kejut Inquisitor Allu'thoa ( -1186, 158, 1032 ) /waypoint -1186, 158, 1032
South Dshinn Zelbie Whackya Paladin Pygmy ( -717, 13, 238 ) /waypoint -717, 13, 238
Kithicor Island Werner Thunderleg Monk Human ( 604, 30, 962 ) /waypoint 604, 30, 962

Terrors of ThalumbraEdit

[information needed]

The Siege of ZekEdit

Zhugrus is rewarded for completing the achievement Exploring the Scourge Wastes (Solo)

Zone Name Class Race Map Ref
Zek, the Scourge Wastes (Solo) Zhugrus Blightstaff Inquisitor Orc ( -216, -26, -617 ) /waypoint -216.12, -26.09, -616.69 Eq2map

[information needed]

Kunark AscendingEdit

[information needed]

Tradeskill MercenariesEdit

Name Class Race Zone
Raffik Fury Ratonga Isle of Mara
Qho Augren Monk Human Isle of Mara
Gardening Goblin Brigand Goblin In your home, near An Obulus Frontier Seedling
  • Raffik is available after completing his last Tradeskilling quest, On a Boat. He stands on the docks of Isle of Mara.
  • Qho Augren is available after completing his last Gathering quest, A Gathering Obsession Beyond The Grave. He wanders near the waterfall on Isle of Mara.
  • Gardening Goblin is available after completing the last quest from Growf questline, The Gardening Goblin. This will require giving up your gathering goblin ability previously in the questline.

Live Event MercenariesEdit

These Mercenaries are only available for initial hire during the respective Live Events.

Bristlebane DayEdit

Hireable in the Mercenary Den of each city after you complete [What quest is needed to unlock this mercenary?] during Bristlebane Day.

Zone Name Class Race
Qeynos Province District Gigglegibber Thief Brigand Goblin
The City of Freeport Gigglegibber Thief Brigand Goblin


Hireable after you complete the The Reticent Tinkerer quest in Steamfont Mountains during Tinkerfest. They can be located inside Redd's Abode ( -533, -176, 1013 ) /waypoint -533, -176, 1013, located in the Gnomeland Security Headquarters in Steamfont Mountains. Access to Redd's Abode is available after Tinkerfest as long as your character has completed the quest during Tinkerfest.

Zone Name Class Race
Redd's Abode Tik-Tank Mk III Eliminator Clockwork
Redd's Abode Dok-Tok Mk III Equalizer Clockwork

Special MercenariesEdit

These Mercenaries are/were unlocked either during special events or by buying (special editions of) expansions.

10-Year Veteran RewardEdit

Claim an item with the /claim command and use it to unlock. You can recruit them in the Mercenary Den.

Zone Name Class Race
Qeynos Province District Lady Liae Croae Paladin Human
The City of Freeport Lord Valkiss Shadowknight Iksar

SOE Live 2012Edit

Available as a /claim item only for those who attended SOE Live 2012.

Zone Name Class Race Map Ref
Qeynos Province District Dashenti Lasheris (Qeynos) Shadowknight Vampire ( 799, -253, 34 ) /waypoint 799, -253, 34
The City of Freeport Dashenti Lasheris (Freeport) Shadowknight Vampire ( -211, -273, 2 ) /waypoint -211, -273, 2

Chains of Eternity Collector's EditionEdit

Available only for those who purchased the Chains of Eternity Collectors Edition.

Mercenaries are per character. You can choose either the Templar or the Paladin Lujien (werewolf) in Freeport or Qeynos mercenary dens. They will both be available for you to hire on all your characters.

The Collector's Edition mercenaries have significantly higher stats and confidence than the standard mercenaries (they can take a lot more of a challenge before they cower/debuff).

The Collector's Edition mercenaries will cost the same to hire as the standard mercenaries.

Zone Name Class Race Map Ref
Qeynos Province District Krivix Honorclaw Paladin Lujien ( 810, -253, 20 ) /waypoint 810, -253, 20
The City of Freeport Krivix Honorclaw Paladin Lujien ( -220, -273, -10 ) /waypoint -220, -273, -10
Qeynos Province District Krivok Honorclaw Templar Lujien ( 813, -253, 20 ) /waypoint 813, -253, 20
The City of Freeport Krivok Honorclaw Templar Lujien ( -218, -273, -10 ) /waypoint -218, -273, -10

Tears of Veeshan ExpansionEdit

Available as a /claim item only for those who have purchased the Tears of Veeshan expansion. Note: Daeron will appear in the Mercenary Den of each city only after you activate the token in your inventory that appears upon claiming it.

Zone Name Class Race Map Ref
Qeynos Province District Daeron Ashenwing (Qeynos) Monk Aerakyn ( 815, -215, 22 ) /waypoint 815, -215, 22
The City of Freeport Daeron Ashenwing (Freeport) Monk Aerakyn ?0? ) 

Altar of Malice Collector's EditionEdit

Collector's Edition purchasers received a /claim token which, when examined, makes Kluuron V'Lorn available in your city's Mercenary Den:

Zone Name Class Race Map Ref
Qeynos Province District Kluuron V'Lorn (Qeynos) Defiler Cultist of Primordial Malice ( 815, -215, 22 ) /waypoint 815, -215, 22
The City of Freeport Kluuron V'Lorn (Freeport) Defiler Cultist of Primordial Malice ?0? ) 

Terrors of Thalumbra Collector's EditionEdit

Available as a /claim item only for those who have purchased the Collector's Edition or Premium Edition of the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion. Note: Delidrae will appear in the Mercenary Den of each city only after you activate the token in your inventory that appears upon claiming it. This mercenary uses Wizard-like and Brigand-like abilities as well as having some healing potential.

Zone Name Class Race Map Ref
Zou'Lidelas village in Thalumbra Delidrae, the Ineffable Thorn (Thalumbra, the Ever Deep) DPS Glaufaye ( -475, 275, 376 ) /waypoint -474.58, 274.75, 375.64
Qeynos Province District Delidrae, the Ineffable Thorn (Qeynos) DPS Glaufaye ( 815, -215, 22 ) /waypoint 815, -215, 22
The City of Freeport Delidrae, the Ineffable Thorn (Freeport) DPS Glaufaye ( -220, -273, -2 ) /waypoint -219.91, -272.93, -2.46

Kunark Ascending Collector's EditionEdit

Available as a /claim item only for those who have purchased the Collector's Edition or Premium Edition of the Kunark Ascending expansion.

  • Note: Claz'zakla can be hired in Obulus Frontier only after you activate the token in your inventory that appears upon claiming it. Once you hired him he will appear in the Mercenary Den of each city.
  • This mercenary uses Warden-like and Ranger-like abilities so having some dps and healing potential.
Zone Name Class Race Map Ref
Crusader's Cave in Obulus Claz'zakla (Obulus Frontier) Ranger Sarnak ( 564, 251, 1262 ) /waypoint 563.59, 250.98, 1261.86 Eq2map
Qeynos Province District Claz'zakla (Qeynos) Ranger Sarnak ?0? ) 
The City of Freeport Claz'zakla (Freeport) Ranger Sarnak ?0? ) 

Rogues GalleryEdit

The first mercenaries found in Rogues Gallery were introduced with the Rum Cellar Pack. These are from mercenary crates purchasable through the Marketplace (described below) that give you a random token for the selected archetype.

The following archetypes may be available: Archon (Priest/Inquisitor) and Martial (Fighter/Monk), Mindbender (Mage/Coercer), and Songspinner (Scout/Dirge). In late 2016, the Crusader archetype, which is similar to a Paladin, was added.

Mercenary crates are tradeable until they are redeemed for tokens. The tokens can then be used to hire the indicated mercenaries or sold to city merchants for status points.

Each archetype has 5 common, 3 uncommon, and 2 rare mercenaries. All archetype tokens give you a chance to receive the ultra-rare fallen paladin mercenary.

To hire the mercenary indicated on a mercenary token, examine it and click on the option to sign the mercenary contract. You must then go to the Rogues' Gallery to hire the mercenary in person. The Rogues' Gallery is a special zone that can be found by clicking on the appropriate door in the Qeynos or Freeport Mercenary Den (basement). In Freeport take door at ( -239, -273, -11 ) /waypoint -239.25, -272.93, -10.59.

Marketplace CratesEdit


Above: as they appear in your inventory, a Mercany Token (left) and an crate before it is fully unpacked (right). (Click to enlarge)

The Marketplace plays a role in mercenaries in a few ways.

  • Some mercenaries can be re-hired anywhere after you pay a small fee to unlock the ability to do so. Press C to open the Chracter sheet and check the Mercenary tab to see which may have this option.
  • Different mercenaries can be purchased via the Marketplace. These are typically offered as one, three, or seven "crates". Availability for these can change. For example, seasonal mercenaries that look like gingerbread men appear around the annual Frostfell event in-game.
  • All Access members (paid accounts) may get to choose mercenary crates as in place of the monthly 500DC stipend. This could change at any time, so check the official game forums for any changes to this member perk.
Random Results

All marketplace mercenaries are packed in "crates" with 1, 3 or 7 mercenaries.

  • All are randomized by their archetype (or category). You can not pick the specific mercenary by name. This means that within an archetype, you will get random mercenary. For example, if you purchase a Crusader Mercenary, you can get a common, rare, or elite but you will not known until you unpack them.
  • After opening the crates, all of the marketplace mercenaries are found in the Rogues Gallery. Travel to the gallery location for your alignment, then to the locations listed for each one.
Unpacking Crates

Crates are HEIRLOOM until they are Unpacked and you receive the actual mercenary token.

  • This applies to single crates and to multiples. Therefore, it is wise to only buy or claim crates on the character you intend to have the mercenaries, to avoid accidentally making them untradeable to other characters on your account.
  • If you buy a crate with 3 and unpack it to the point of getting the tokens, you can not keep one and pass the others over to other characters.
  • Locate it in your inventory and R click on the crate to choose to Unpack it. Repeat this process to reveal each mercenary token.
  • As of the spring of 2017, unwanted or duplicate mercenaries can no longer be sold to City Merchants. In Qeynos, unwanted mercenaries may be sold for status points to Sneerio Backlash at location (-4.65, -25.37, -19.27) in the Rogue's Gallery. The Rogue's Gallery is in the basement of Fish's Alehouse and Inn in Qeynos Harbor.

2016 MercenariesEdit

The Mercenaries below are available through the Marketplace as of fall 2016, but may change at any time.

See the official announcement about the changes.
  • Previous mercenaries crates were moved to "the vault," which means they are retired unless Daybreak decides to make them available for purchase again at a later date.
  • If you have a token for the prior mercenaries from a previous crate purchase they can still be hired.
  • The mercenaries available as of fall 2016 are all paladins, with the exception of the ultra rare, which is a guardian.
  • To hire them, travel one level deeper inside the Rogues Gallery.
Crusader MercenariesEdit


Rarity Name Class Race Status Point Value
Ultra-rare Calyptor Athta, Sentinel of Dawn Guardian Aviak 10,000,000
Rarity Name Class Race Status Point Value
Common Vaynca, Champion of Hope Paladin Ogre 1,000,000
Common Azora Hael Paladin Erudite 1,000,000
Common Hirocus Capra Paladin Gruengach 1,000,000
Common Sir Dingle Brightarmor Paladin Goblin 1,000,000
Common Verlek Zo'ki Paladin Sarnak 1,000,000
Uncommon Muroonae Moroeedea Paladin Roekillik 3,000,000
Uncommon Varnin Klat Paladin Mummy 3,000,000
Uncommon Rhool Gooddeed Paladin Pygmy 3,000,000
Rare Protector One-One Paladin Golem 6,000,000
Rare Warvu the Stalwart Paladin Hooluk 6,000,000

Seasonal MarketplaceEdit

During the annual Frostfell world event (in 2015), themed mercenaries were offered. All look like gingerbread men. Most are archon mercenaries, with one rare archeon, and an ultra rare martial mercenary.

These Mercenaries are found by entering a door within the Rogues Gallery. The door to access these looks like a Magic Door to the Guild Hall.

Please confirm and create a table as needed for the info below and remove this note. Added for names and locs while still available!

Retired or All Access RedeemedEdit

  • These mercenaries can still be hired in the gallery if you have the tokens for them, but they have been retired from the Marketplace as of fall 2016.
  • Players with All Access (paid memberships) may be offered mercenary crates as an option instead of the typical 500DC monthly stipend.
Rarity Name Class Race Status Point Value
Ultra-rare Katastra Vilehex Paladin / Shadowknight Aerakyn 10,000,000
Archon MercenariesEdit


Rarity Name Class Race Status Point Value
Common Dar Qal, Man-o-War Inquisitor Ulthork 1,000,000
Common Gonok Shieldmaul Inquisitor Drolvarg 1,000,000
Common Geldia Hammerwind Inquisitor Coldain 1,000,000
Common Decanus Nok Brinloy Inquisitor Storm Giant 1,000,000
Common Bishop Ciranok Bloodtalon Inquisitor Aviak 1,000,000
Uncommon Tyfon Tartaron Inquisitor Droag 3,000,000
Uncommon Priestess Klodae Cer'Ule Inquisitor Kerig'Dal 3,000,000
Uncommon Archon Maia Inquisitor Othmir 3,000,000
Rare The Sublime Blade-Vicar Inquisitor (Special) Djinn 6,000,000
Rare Veldra Kradane, the Lost Inquisitor (Special) Lich 6,000,000
Martial MercenariesEdit


Rarity Name Class Race Status Point Value
Common Clot Bloodreaver, the Ever-living Monk Ghoul 1,000,000
Common Lady Gretta Cheroon Monk Greater Vampire 1,000,000
Common Clik-Clank Mnk 42 Monk Clockwork 1,000,000
Common Maala Sawtooth Monk Ogre 1,000,000
Common Lord Dessel Bonefist Monk Skeleton 1,000,000
Uncommon Toggs the Enforcer Monk Duhjalm Ettin 3,000,000
Uncommon Zelza Honeyjab Monk Bixie 3,000,000
Uncommon Qinlin Lou Monk Hua Mein 3,000,000
Rare Solovor Gordd,The Titan Fist Monk (Special) Gorilla 6,000,000
Rare Master Burl Whittlingfists Monk (Special) Mannequin 6,000,000
Mindbender MercenariesEdit


Rarity Name Class Race Status Point Value
Common Sithra Veil Coercer Zombie 1,000,000
Common Nevanon Coercer Aerakyn 1,000,000
Common Va'Vex Shadowheart Coercer Akheva 1,000,000
Common Grabby Boombottom Coercer Goblin 1,000,000
Common Gelga Gloomspellsl Coercer Grimling 1,000,000
Uncommon Qaaxl Brainfouler Coercer Ashlok 3,000,000
Uncommon Woofland Pawmelter Coercer Gnoll 3,000,000
Uncommon Temurin Darkthrall Coercer Malice Cultist 3,000,000
Rare K'nozz the Confuser Coercer Shadowed Man 6,000,000
Rare Walkyria Edda Coercer Valkyrie 6,000,000
Songspinner MercenariesEdit


Rarity Name Class Race Status Point Value
Common Navec Skleross Dirge Skorpikis 1,000,000
Common Tasha Tsernin Dirge Iksar Skeleton 1,000,000
Common Neferkar the Old Dirge Mummy 1,000,000
Common Apttua Windsister Dirge Harpy 1,000,000
Common Xa'rgo the Cursed (Mercenary) Dirge Iksar Golem 1,000,000
Uncommon Nekletk K'Tokt (Mercenary) Dirge Ravasect 3,000,000
Uncommon Jazbella Cantile Dirge Siren 3,000,000
Uncommon Maestro Creed Fierydrum Dirge Vampire 3,000,000
Rare Zophiel of Delahnus Dirge Nayad 6,000,000
Rare Ordovis Cruor Dirge Necromantic Golem 6,000,000
Stormcaller MercenariesEdit


Rarity Name Class Race Status Point Value
Common Crahlk Fury [information needed] 1,000,000
Common Sarvgull the Insane Fury [information needed] 1,000,000
Common Warrick Vale-Striker Fury [information needed] 1,000,000
Common Vax Sorast Fury [information needed] 1,000,000
Common Gretta Powersnap Fury Gnome Skeleton 1,000,000
Uncommon Muscarial Fury Mushroom 3,000,000
Uncommon Shallall'Dene Fury Nayad 3,000,000
Uncommon Dralsh, Furious Custodian Fury [information needed] 3,000,000
Rare The Dark Ones Fury [information needed] 6,000,000
Rare Lor'Kateth, Bringer of Fear Fury Amygdalan 6,000,000

Mercenary StatisticsEdit

See the Mercenary Stat Comparisons page.


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