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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Treasure Hunt  (AA)
Journal Level 101 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Thalumbra, the Ever Deep more
How to Start Click a luminous pitcher plant in Stoneheart Yards ( 516, 68, -168 ) /waypoint 515.72, 67.52, -168.39 Eq2map.
part of: Terrors of Thalumbra Timeline
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What does this information mean?

Something's vibrating rapidly within the luminous pitcher plants in the area. I should stand back...


  • You have 4 minutes to complete this quest.


  1. Kill 5 pitcher plant sprites in the order in which they appear.
    • Note: this is something like skeet shooting, they shoot up into the air above your head.
    • Back out to about ( 531, 64, -210 ) /waypoint 531.37, 63.73, -210.36, multiple pitcher plants in the area will release wisps, not just the one that starts the quest.
    • The colors spawn in alphabetical order: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow.
  2. Kill 5 more pitcher plant sprites in the order in which they appear.



Soe logo white EQ2i credits posts in this thread written by Ruckus at the SOE/DBG Forums for some of the information in this article.

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