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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Fens of Nathsar  (AA)
Journal Level 72 (Tier 8)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Fens of Nathsar more
How to Start talk to Tinkerist Glazid
part of: Fens of Nathsar Timeline
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Little Big Bang
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Tinkerist Glazid is looking for some Nurgan gearboxes he evidently dropped into the Field of Bone, which were summarily picked up by the bonedigger harvesters. I am not to fight the creatures, but rather, I must throw Glazid's flashpods at them to temporarily blind them, then approach them and take the gearboxes from them before they can recover. I am to return the gearboxes to Tinkerist Glazid in the Drogan Exile camp.


  1. Locate a Bonedigger Harvester (a Burynai creature) around( -1509,-368,-1906) in the Field of Bone (near the burrows by Kurns tower). Then repeat both of the following two steps on the same creature four times in a row.
    • Target the harvester and use the Glazid's Flashpod
    • Right click on the harvester and choose swipe gearbox. You do not have to kill them, can run away after. You can get all four updates off the same mob.
  2. Return to Glazid

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