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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Vesspyr Isles  (AA)
Journal Level 101 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Vesspyr Isles more
How to Start Speak to Gortov on Karak Peak ( -495, 136, -388 ) /waypoint -495, 136, -388
part of: Vesspyr Isles Timeline
Preceded by:
Seeding Serenity
Followed by:
Tears of Veeshan: Falling Tears

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Meditation and Annihilation serenity crystal

Serenity Crystal

  1. Enter the water to meditate ( -406, 138, -492 ) /waypoint -406, 138, -492.
  2. Return to Gortov.
    • When you return to his original location, you find that Gorotov has fled!
    • Search for Gortov on the small island to the west. ( -121, 29, -512 ) /waypoint -121, 29, -512, he will appear when you approach the location, but be careful on landing that you don't go near the named on the island (Voltross the Relic Seeker)!
  3. Confront Gortov.
    • After a taunt or two, Gortov attacks. Slay him.
  4. Destroy 8 serenity crystals - the ones that you planted on Karak Peak. They respawn quickly.
  5. Return to Jortreva.


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