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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event
Journal Level 50 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Hidden Village of Kugup more
How to Start See Starting the Quest below. Given by Chief Kaorf after Frogloks have been unlocked on your server.
part of: Froglok Timeline
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What does this information mean?

The quest is a x4 raid event. You must free the spirits from within The Temple of Cazic-Thule.

Starting the Quest[]

Pick up the quest by zoning into The Hidden Village of Kugup in The Feerrott, accessed by clicking a stone at ( -1039, 1, 856 ) Copy. Clicking on the stone gives the option to "place your Froglok Talsiman." Choose this option and a violent swirl will appear. Clicking on the violent swirl will zone you in to the Hidden Village. Once in the Hidden Village, speak to Chief Kaorf to pick up the quest.


  1. Zone into a special instance of Cazic-Thule, Spirits of the Lost.
    • Progress through the zone and slay Venekor.
  2. Return to The Hidden Village and speak with Chief Kaorf to complete the quest.

Note: Zone Progression[]

  1. Outside and upper level guarded by mobs of Golems (ranges from 52 heroic to 54 2x epic mobs of 4)
  2. Clear the first floor of the dungeon of all mobs.
    • Four mobs of a Lizardman sentry and 2 enforcers (52 2x epic)
    • One mob of an Lizardman Eliminator and 3 Lizardman sentries 54 2x epic
  3. Clear the lower levels of all mobs.
    • Go to 61.11, -19.50, -108.71 click the vessel to spawn Enforcer Zifa and 3 minions (54^^^ 2x epic)
  • NOTE Krakan The Wary (55^^^ 4x epic) spawns and attacks during Enforcer Zifa's encounter.
    • Go to -62.13, -19.50, -110.86 click on vessel to spawn Krakat the Cruel and 2 minions (56^^^ 3x epic)
  • NOTE Enforcer Zifa, Krakat the Cruel, and Krakan The Wary all need to be killed to spawn Qzyk the Conqueror
    • Kill Qzyk the Conqueror and 3 lizard men sentries (54^^^ 4x epic) at 0.10, -10.00, -151.44.
    • The Spirit of Marr's Chosen will pop, speak to him.
  1. The inside is now filled with epic mobs. You need to fight your way out since evac is disabled in the zone.
  2. Venekor has now spawned up top.
    • Click on Statue at -0.21, 23.83, -90.63 to disable fighter adds from spawning


The reward of this quest is the loot table from the raid, plus:

  • Title: Hero of Kugup
  • Grants a 12 hour buff called Blessing of Marr's Chosen that adds 250 hit points and power temporarily.