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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Terrors of Thalumbra
Level Range 100
Zone in from Maldura
Entrance is at

( 202, 66, 0 ) /waypoint 202, 66, -0

Parent Zone Maldura
Required Quest Underdepths Saga: Chaos and Malice
Difficulty Solo
Failure Lockout 1 hour 30 minutes
Success Lockout 3 days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?

  • Zone into the event at ( 203.67, 66.33, -2.26 ).
  • get close the groups that are fighting the non aggro mobs to get an increment of the buff, before you start killing the agro mobs on the lower floor first
    • Note:ignore the non-agro mobs
  • When you kill the last mob at the far end of the hall to the right or left, you will receive a crystal. Place the crystal in the machine on the wall next to where the mob was.
  • If you have completed the achievement "Malduran Defender" Malduran citizens will keep all trash mobs non-agro.
    • Note: You also need to complete the Glaufae questlines to get the second line of trash mobs busy.
  • Go to the other end of the first floor and repeat the process.
  • Once all mobs are dispatched and the crystals placed, go to the controls on the back wall in the center of the room. What you need to do is click on the switches corresponding to the NPC Tserrina's location. When you click the switch, fire will shoot out of the grates in the floor. After she is hit four times, she will port you to the top floor in front of the queen. Don't worry about looking for Tserrina, just continue clicking on the switches until she ports you.
  • The queen will give you a bunch of hit points so you should manage in spite of facing a level 106 3x epic. You will want to stay away from the named (The Butcher of Hate) until the black rings appear on the floor and he steps into them. You will see an on-screen message "The Butcher can now be damaged". For a short period of time you will now be able to damage him. Another on-screen message will appear "The Butcher has returned", at which point you will not be able to damage him until the black rings are once again placed.
  • If you die, then use the potion in your bags to be ported back to the queen. Kill the Butcher to end the quest.

My reward for completing the quest was 1 plat, 51 gold, 20 silver and 3 coin of the eternal queen. Additionally, I received a standard stamina infuser from the chest.

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