The Ivy Shrouded Timeline
1. Corruption in the Faydark
2. Making it Manifest
3. Acquiring the Second Fragment
4. A Champion of the Koada'Dal
5. An Evening Jaunt
6. Tracking Down the Necromancer
7. The Hidden Crystal
8. A Small Testament
9. A Predestined Fate
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 64 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Greater Faydark more
How to Start Speak to Rooleean Felodaan ( -443, 124, 496 ) /waypoint -443, 124, 496
part of: The Ivy Shrouded Timeline
Preceded by:
Corruption in the Faydark
Followed by:
Acquiring the Second Fragment

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Steps Edit

  1. Speak with An'dil Siriion. Located at ( 755, 26, 589 ) /waypoint 755, 26, 589 in a tent on the Butcherblock docks.
  2. An'dil will ask for 50g for his cooperation. You can either pay him the 50g or threaten him. If you pick the latter he will aggro as a solo 65^. After defeating/paying him, he tells you that he doesn't have the info you seek and sends you to The Acadechism for a list of Emperor D'Vinn's loyalists. (Note: The player on the quest needs to strike the final blow, if your pet or mercenary does, it will not update)
    • The Acadechism is a lvl 60+ instance in Greater Faydark located above Crushbone Keep ( -1277, 167, 0 ) /waypoint -1277, 167, 0. To get to it you will need to climb a wall located at ( -1111, 124, 4 ) /waypoint -1111, 124, 4.
  3. Once inside The Acadechism you will need to kill a Crushbone quartermaster 64^^^ heroic found at ( -63, 4, 30 ) /waypoint -63, 4, 30. He spawns in different spots. One of these locations is ( -91, 4, 36 ) /waypoint -91, 4, 36.
    • Take the doorway to the right after zoning in. Go up the stairs to the next room and proceed through the door on the left of the room. Go down the hallway into the next room where the Crushbone quartermaster will autospawn.
    • Note: The next quest, Acquiring the Second Fragment, requires you to re-enter Acadechism, so do not kill ANY named in the zone. Killing a named mob will trigger a 90 minute lockout timer for the zone and you will be unable to re-enter for the next quest.
  4. Take the list back to An'dil on the Butcherblock docks.


  • only Experience
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