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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Kunzar Jungle
Journal Level 83 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Kunzar Jungle more
How to Start Speak to Foreman Guppka ( 478, -97, 911 ) /waypoint 477.65, -96.68, 911.05 after completing Phylactery Find
part of: Kunzar Jungle Timeline
Preceded by:
Phylactery Find
Followed by:
Complicated Destruction

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  1. I am to speak with Enchanter Glowwp ( 463, -98, 1035 ) /waypoint 463.03, -97.98, 1034.92
    • He tells you to gather the following items:
    1. Find a scale from Venril near the dungeons of Sebilis ( 36, -132, 215 ) /waypoint 36.35, -131.75, 214.66
      • Drop into the water near the zone entrance from Kunzar Jungle (where the algae for step 3 grows). The loc is ( -44, -53, 141 ) /waypoint -44.02, -52.50, 140.92. Look for a huge hole in the ground; it leads to a lower level of Sebilis and looks like a drain. You can swim down and up at will while inside the water pillar.
      • Once down there, fight the harbingers and tormented souls, then drop into the water south of you and dive further southward until find an opening above you. As you emerge from the water, you will see the pool you're being surrounded by chokidai and iksar mobs. Venril's Scale looks like a golden shiny and displays the text "Venril's Scale" when you hover your cursor above it. It has a fast respawn timer.
    2. Steal Extirpating Powder from the alchemy labs in Sebilis
      • Located in the hidden lab. Once in the Lab/Study area ( -260, -23, 337 ) /waypoint -259.59, -22.75, 337.38, enter the ground floor room. On the left side in the back will be a table with a small candle-like object on it at ( -308, -21, 325 ) /waypoint -307.55, -21.00, 324.58. Right click and select "TWIST". This will open the door (a bookshelf) to the right revealing the entrance to the hidden lab. You can open the lab from inside by clicking a similar candle-like object on top of a bookshelf just inside the hidden door.
      • The powder has a few possible locations (all in the hidden lab); one is ( -303, -26, 371 ) /waypoint -303.37, -25.75, 370.99
    3. Harvest some karyotic algae from the underwater tunnels in Sebilis
      • Just drop into the water near the zone entrance from Kunzar Jungle. There are no mobs in the water, so it is perfectly safe to move at will. The algae preferably grows in corners and near the walls.
      • Various locations for the algae in the water: ( 21, -53, 66 ) /waypoint 20.71, -52.78, 65.55 & ( 66, -96, 140 ) /waypoint 65.79, -96.00, 139.85
      • The algae can be tracked using the Track Harvestables ability.
  2. Return to Enchanter Glowwp


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