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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Access  (AA)
Journal Level 30 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Nektulos Forest more
How to Start Speak to the Seamist Fairy Nerina near the docks.
part of: Nektulos Forest Timeline
Preceded by:
Maid for the Mist - Part I
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What does this information mean?

This quest is no longer an access quest for Enchanted Lands. It is now a normal quest, with an item reward at the end.


  1. Hail Fisherman Aurvill ( 762, 0, -132 ) /waypoint 762, 0, -132 just south of Nerina (at a tent on the beach on the eastern side of the docks).
  2. Hail Fisherman Djaani ( 682, 0, -80 ) /waypoint 682, 0, -80 at the same tent.
  3. Head east along the beach and hail Fisherman Draylix ( 644, -1, -61 ) /waypoint 644, -1, -61. Choose option "I know who you are! Nerina has sent me."
  4. Go back to the tent and wait. After a minute, Draylix will run up, turn into a nightblood and kill Aurvill and Djaani.
  5. Kill Draylix. He is level 30^.
  6. Speak to Seamist Fairy Nerina ( 804, -1, -137 ) /waypoint 804, -0.90, -137.
  7. Speak to Captain Corrigan ( 792, 6, -121 ) /waypoint 792, 6, -121 on the dock.
  8. Click the travel globe at the end of the dock and choose The Maid for the Mist which will appear as a destination on the east side of the world map.
    Maid for the Mist

    Location of The Maid for the Mist on the Mariners Bell map.

  9. Speak with Captain Corrigan on the ship.
  10. The boat will be attacked by waves of monsters. Kill them as fast as you can! The waves are timed. The waves are as follows:
    1. three level 27vv goblins.
    2. one level 27 goblin, plus three level 27vvv goblins. (Although marked Heroic, the encounter is easily soloed.)
    3. one level 27 goblin, plus four level 27vvv goblins. (Although marked Heroic, the encounter is easily soloed.)
    4. one level 28 nightwretch soother.
    5. one level 28 nightwretch soother, plus one level 28vvv nightwretch soother.
    6. one level 28 nightwretch soother, plus two level 28vvv nightwretch soothers.
  11. Finally, Lord Zaavan will spawn. He is level 29^^ and spawns with 2 Sarkezzein who are 29vv.
  12. Killing Zaavan will close the quest. Zaavan also drops a treasure chest, which can be exquisite.
  13. Talk to Captain Corrigan on the wheel deck. Click "return to shore" while speaking to Captain Corrigan to go ashore.
  14. After the quest is complete, go to Thundering Steppes dock and speak to Scholar Milnik ( -550, -16, -430 ) /waypoint -550, -16.45, -430. Select speak option "I traveled across the sea of mist" to choose your weapon reward.
    • Note: If you die on the ship, you have to repeat all of the ship part of the quest.


  • 96s 57c

Scholar Milnik lets you choose of the following rewards:

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