A Nomadic Carpet Keeper

In order to fly on a Magic Carpet, you must hail NPCs simply named "a nomadic carpet keeper"

Magic Carpets were introduced as a form of transportation with the release of Desert of Flames. This article refers to the automated mode of travel to within the Sinking Sands and to Maj'Dul. If you are looking for information on the player equipped magic carpets, see the page about mounts.

With the major revamp of the travel system in 2011, the Magic Carpets now only provide transportation to and from locations within the Sinking Sands and smaller, related zones like Pillars of Flame. Carpet rides to and from external locations have been eliminated and replaced with travel via the Globe of Swift Travel. For the official Community News post from the EQ2 team, see [Reborn-Travel Revamp] announcement.


In order to fly on the carpet near the Sinking Sands dock (Port of Tears), you must now hail a NPC near a magic carpet, simply named "a nomadic carpet keeper". The same is true for areas within the Sinking Sands, however, you only need to click an actual carpet when you want to leave the city of Maj'Dul. To get to some of the zones deeper inside of Sinking Sands, you will need to take a carpet ride from the dock to reach them. There are potential enemies near many of the carpet locations, so proceed with caution.

Carpet Keeper LocationsEdit

Sinking SandsEdit

You can travel to and from any of these locations with no restrictions (like quest unlocks or minimum level requirements) near the Sinking Sands dock.

  • Port of Tears (the Sinking Sands dock) under a tent, at ( -1442, -226, -380 ) /waypoint -1442, -226, -380
  • Maj'Dul this transports you to the zone. The carpet to return to Maj'Dul (only) is at ( 1282, 161, -149 ) /waypoint 1282, 161, -149
  • Twin Tears on a sandy dune ridge, not far from the zone in point for Living Tombs at ( -450, -75, -991 ) /waypoint -450, -75, -991
  • One Rock Isle (a large island, off the coast of the beach) ( -2018, -231, -608 ) /waypoint -2018, -231, -608
  • Camp De'Sas, near the zone in point for the Pillars of Flame at ( -5, -94, -926 ) /waypoint -5.36, -94, -926
  • Undercity Arena in the flat sandy region at ( -198, -111, -288 ) /waypoint -198, -111, -288

Pillars of FlameEdit

In order to reach this zone, you must take a carpet ride to Camp De'Sas by hailing any carpet keeper within Sinking Sands and cross the zone line (a rocky roadway) into Pillars of Flame. Once you are within Pillars of Flame, all of these locations can be reached by hailing any carpet keeper in the zone.

  • Swiftrider's Caravan under a tent at ( 31, -86, -740 ) /waypoint 31, -86, -740.
  • Giant's Field, the closest location to Cazel's Mesa, is on a rocky outcrop, overlooking the sea at ( 1445, -119, -225 ) /waypoint 1445, -119, -225
  • Prophet's Peak up on a hillside, at ( 706, -88, -1023 ) /waypoint 706, -88, -1023
  • The Stinging Isle (The Needle) near the edge of a cliff at ( 848, -149, -1439 ) /waypoint 848, -149, -1439
  • T'Narev, near the road leading to the entrance to The Halls of Discipline ( 214, -127, -1483 ) /waypoint 214, -127, -1483
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