Madria Varas

Madria Varas

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Quest
Race High Elf
Zone The Village of Shin (The Shadow Odyssey)
Location Outsiders' Landing ( -87, 3, 107 ) /waypoint -87, 2.5, 106.5


  • Madria will offer her quests those of tradeskill level 50 and above.
  • You no longer need to complete the Ship Out quest for her to offer you quests.
  • She offers one of the quests listed below every hour; however you can only complete each one once per day.

All but one quest can be completed multiple times a day, with a new quest being offered by Madria every hour on the hour.

  • The exception to the above (as of April 2016): Shipyard Services has a zone reset time of 18 hours, even though all others reset after 90 minutes.

Related QuestsEdit

  1. [80 Heroic] Clockwork Rescue
  2. [80 Heroic] Emergency Portal Repairs
  3. [80 Heroic] Supply Stocking
  4. [80 Heroic] Shipyard Services
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