Ludmila Kystov

Ludmila Kystov

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) The Protector's Realm (Rise of Kunark)
Race Human
Level 83▲▲▲ Tier 9 Epic x4
Reported Drops
Melee Attacks Piercing
Special Attacks
  • Smiting Slash (5000 piercing dmg)
  • Face Shove - ST Piercing (2000-3000 piercing dmg)
  • Feminine Guile (Charms a male raid member indefinitely - Curable)
AA Exp Yes
Status Points 16425

What does this information mean?


This is a group encounter. The participants are:

Jracol Binari - Healer

  • ~1.3 million HP
  • Will periodically group heal for ~200K

Blorgok the Brutal - Fighter

  • ~1 million HP
  • Will periodically force you to target him, at which point you are unable to change targets

Meldrath Kloktik - Mage

  • ~2.7 million HP
  • Periodic stifle, knockback on melee hit (is a buff, dispel if you can)

2 Froglok Mercenaries - Fighters

  • ~200K HP each
  • Will taunt and force you to switch targets, but you are able to change back to your previous target

Ludmila Kystov - Scout

  • ~4.9 million HP
  • Will periodically change targets and go after someone else in the raid, charms males on occasion

If you did not successfully kill Doomcoil, Meldrath will summon him to aid in this fight. To avoid this, you must kill Meldrath before any of the other named NPCs.

If you did kill Doomcoil, the recommended order is Jracol, Blorgok, Meldrath, and then Ludmila. The froglok mercenaries can be taken out at any point, or taken out by AoEs. DPS should target Jracol directly as the MT (and others) will be taunted to Blorgok and unable to change back. When other members of the raid are targeted by Ludmila they should run to the MT to make it easier for the tank to recover aggro.

Our usual way on this group is to offtank Blorgok a bit away from raid to avoid people getting taunted too much, then full dps first on frogs (they die fast) and then healer (has to die fast too or else his heals will make fight harder). The main tank has a lot to do keeping aggro on Ludmila, so if you get troubles with aggro you can use another tank to keep aggro on the mob you're killing right now. If you have aggro problems then tell people to hold back with aoes. Overall, its a rather easy fight, it's just about keeping aggro and healing the tanks. But if your main tank keeps losing aggro on Ludmila you will have a hard time beating it.

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