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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Miscellaneous
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start See Notes below.

What does this information mean?


This is a live event quest given out by a Guide or GM for the Erollisi Day celebration.

On servers without the guide program this quest can be acquired from Brosha the Brokenhearted (all year, not just during the Erollisi Day celebration) in the Commonlands at ( 48, -42, -839 ) /waypoint 48, -42, -839.


  1. Pick a flower of hope at the beach near The Ruins of Caltorsis in Antonica at ( -1310, -40, -878 ) /waypoint -1310, -40, -878 Eq2map.
  2. Collect a rose of heartbreak from a grave in The Graveyard at ( -25, -9, 63 ) /waypoint -25, -9, 63 Eq2map.
  3. Collect magical fairy dust by killing any fairy, such as an A sullian deceiver in the Nerian Highlands in Darklight Wood at ( 61, -34, -218 ) /waypoint 61, -34, -218 Eq2map.
  4. Use the cauldron to brew the love potion in the Wanderlust Fair in Darklight Wood at ( 240, -19, -1 ) /waypoint 240, -19, -1 Eq2map.
  5. Deliver the troll's love potion to Luc Alechaser in the Lost Village of Bobick, the bar at the docks of the Enchanted Lands at ( 45, 2, 43 ) /waypoint 45, 2, 43 Eq2map.


Icon Heart This article refers to events, personae, items and activities only present in-game during the annual Erollisi Day festivities, which come to Norrath each year for a short time roughly around February 14th.

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