Lost Village of Bobick

Lost Village of Bobick

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone Enchanted Lands (Shattered Lands)
Location The docks ( 27, -1, 20 ) /waypoint 26.75, -1.05, 19.72
Discovery Location (AA) Yes
Related Achievement Enchanted Lands Excursionist

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This quiet seaside dockyard was built where the Great Stream used to caress the banks of the Misty Thicket. In Old Antonica Bobick was a flourishing fishing village. In this age the halflings have erected a dockyard to fish from the Seamist Coast as well as provide mooring for ships that rarely arrive. Bobick was named after the legendary shipwright and adventurer Fiddy Bobick. A descendant of his still operates the dockyard in a hostile land. - (Source: Bootstrutter's Field Guide to the Misty Thicket)


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