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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Kunark Ascending
Level Range 100
Zone in from Kunzar Jungle
Entrance is at

at ( -258, 151, -1166 ) /waypoint -258, 151, -1166

Parent Zone None
Difficulty Solo
Persistence 1h30min - 3days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?


  1. Clear all the trash on ground level. When you have an arcane dot, clear it or you will be Feared (running in a random direction).
  2. Kill the 4 up on the center building until the 'a stone setting' drops. Grab the 'a stone setting' from the SE corner of the lake behind the tall reeds ( -297, 345, -249 ) /waypoint -297.48, 345, -248.82. Place the two stone settings in each of the gazebos at the south end of the zone, on the ground ( -169, 4, -241 ) /waypoint -168.63, 4.43, -240.52 and ( -189, 4, -240 ) /waypoint -189.37, 4.43, -240.24.
  3. The Meld of Vapor (Advanced Solo) - Joust when he emotes and casts his AOE (I just kited him around the zone ranging him, never hit me with it). Alternatively group with a healer (not a merc, they die fast) and tank him if you're undergeared, if you can take a 500k hit, and have the healer heal it, you can tank him. He drops a stone setting.
  4. Collect the last stone setting from the pile of rubble in the northeast corner of the zone, clickable 'a partially buried crate' ( -219, 6, -403 ) /waypoint -218.50, 6.20, -402.75. Place the two stone settings in each of the gazebos in the north end of the zone, on the ground ( -189, 4, -382 ) /waypoint -188.79, 4.43, -381.97 and ( -168, 4, -382 ) /waypoint -168.17, 4.43, -381.89.
  5. The Meld of Haze (Advanced Solo) - You will receive a Curse that causes your combat arts and spells to cast longer and cost more power. When he casts Haze, he will disappear and a visage of you, and anyone in zone with you, will appear somewhere in the zone. You have to Kill your own visage of your self, killing someone else's results in a wipe. he will come running back at you once the visages are destroyed. Rinse and repeat.
  6. Go to the top of the temple in the middle of the zone and click the two red outlined stones on the floor to spawn the last boss ( -172, 30, -338 ) /waypoint -171.88, 30.43, -337.70 and ( -185, 30, -339 ) /waypoint -184.77, 29.83, -338.75.
  7. The Mist Reaver (Advanced Solo) - Each of the 4 gazebos will have a clickable icon in them, Physical, Noxious, Arcane, and Elemental. When he aligns himself with one of the types of damage, click ALL icons that represents the other types he is susceptible to in order to keep damaging him. (i.e. Aligned with Elemental, click Arcane, Physical, AND Noxious)

Effects / Debuffs Edit

Before Ascention skills, you may find these debuffs annoying.

Mind Fog effect from Meld of Haze

Removable curse from Meld of Haze

Spectral lifetap curse from mist wraiths in shrouded temple

Non removable curse from Mist Wraiths

The Mist effect from Meld of Haze

Mist effect starts with Meld of Haze and continues until the Reaver of Mist is down.

The Mist is misleading because the Reaver's damage is not that high, dps seems to go down in this zone as you progress, with the hardest hitter first.
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