Lore & Legend: Gnoll

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Lore & Legend Quest Information

Recommended Level 10 (Tier 2)
Zone Antonica (Shattered Lands)
Book Location A wooden chest in The Keep of the Gnollslayers-2110, -44, 432 ) Copy
Book Title Know Your Gnolls

This quest is part of the Lore and Legend Timeline

Starting the Quest

Most Lore and Legend Quests can be started either with a book or by examining one of the quest items. Find the book, Know Your Gnolls, using the location information above. Next, read the book, Know Your Gnolls, flip through all the pages, and accept the quest. Once you have accepted the quest you may place the book in your house. You do not need the book to progress the quest.



Special Notes

Note that the quest level shown in your journal will scale with your character level, up to level 50.

Individual level 12 Darkpaw youth can be found in Antonica at ( 201, -18, 647 ) Copy

If you are evil: there are 2 Heroic guards standing at the door of Gnollslayers. Aldritch can see through invisibility even though not marked as such and is extremely powerful. This makes it impossible for evil characters to get this quest without being able to kill the NPCs or be high enough level to be ignored by them. It is unclear when this bug was introduced as it did not used to be the case.
If you stand at ( -2107, -46, 420 ) Copy outside the keep wall and zoom the camera out all the way you can see and interact with the chest without aggroing guards, thus receiving the book.

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