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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Obelisk of Lost Souls  (AA)
Journal Level 40 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Obelisk of Lost Souls more
How to Start Examine List of acquisitions for the continuing of research., a chest drop from high level named monsters within the zone.
part of: The Obelisk of Lost Souls Timeline
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As the shifting draws near, we must be sure to have suitable hosts prepared and ready. This matter is serious and requires your full cooperation. Those that have been chosen to be seeds, must have an adequate host for their spirit, it has been decided that goblins of high intelligence would be the best use currently. These hosts will need to be brought to the vestibule for their transformation.


  • A player must have completed or be on this quest in order to spawn the final boss of the associated instance.


  1. Go to Runnyeye and kill Blikritz Bauble-eye at ( 153, -16, -117 ) /waypoint 153, -16, -117.
  2. The moment Blikritz dies the quest will update and you receive an unconscious goblin. With the item in your inventory, zone into The Vestibule on the third floor down in The Obelisk of Lost Souls. ( -524, 410, 385 ) /waypoint -524, 410, 385
    • Only the group member who clicks on the Vestibule door will have the quest updated.
  3. Slay The Medium of Hykor at ( -477, 407, 396 ) /waypoint -477, 407, 396 to unlock the door to the lower room. Interact with one of the six tables in this room to complete the quest.

Optional extra ring eventEdit

  1. You can receive more unconscious goblins when you enter the room. If you look to your right, there is a bag in a slot on the wall you can search. Take six goblins place one on each of the six tables.
  2. When a goblin is on each table a non-attackable shadowed man will spawn behind a table. After 2 minutes the shadowed man will die and the goblin will come to life.
    • The goblins are 38-42^^ and have 2 non-linked adds.
  3. When you kill the goblin, another shadowed man will spawn behind another table and the 2 minutes cycle repeats again.
  4. When you kill the last of the 6 goblins, a lvl 49^^ named will spawn (Bovauk or Malisient) with 2 adds.



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