1. Step on the portal behind Bas ( 1191, -459, 644 ) /waypoint 1191.19, -458.93, 644.23 to zone into the solo instance Iceshard Keep: Agent Provocateur. Everything in this zone sees through sneak and invisibility.
  2. Make your way up the ramp, avoiding the wanderer at the top. If you pause a couple of stairs down and scroll all the way out you should be able to watch his movements.
  3. Poison Kromzek food supplies in the Storeroom. These are found in the upper loft. In the northeast corner of the Storeroom is a lift with a glowing switch. Watch out for the wanderer, sometimes he walks close to the lift. Take the lift up to the loft.
  4. Once you're up top click on the crates at ( -680, 148, 282 ) /waypoint -680, 148, 282, ( -658, 148, 299 ) /waypoint -658, 148, 299 and ( -659, 148, 282 ) /waypoint -659, 148, 282.
  5. Dust toxic powder on the Kromzek beds without waking up the sleeping Kromzek. To do this you'll need to get to the Barracks via the back hall connecting it to the Armory. ( -420, 118, 376 ) /waypoint -420.44, 118.27, 376.40In the Armory you should be able to hug the wall behind the forge to make your route to the hallway quicker.
  6. All of the beds in the Barracks are interactable. Work your way around the room by traveling behind the beds and click on all five of them. Clicking on a back corner of a bed seems to be the easiest way.
    • DO NOT WALK TOO CLOSE TO THE WEAPON RACKS! If you do, you will awaken a giant and be spotted and attacked. The weapons may fall from the racks but still not wake up the giants if you are far enough away. Or you may have to hug the outside wall to avoid touching the racks.
  7. Now you must defeat two of the Kromzek officers. One is always Commander Harric in the center of the Grand Hall. The other will be random between Armsman Hodran in the upper level of the Armory, Supply Master Gawlmal in the Storeroom, Quartermaster Bertager in the Barracks and Chaplain Ansmund in the War Room.
    • Note: To get to Chaplain Ansmund without having to kill his guards you need to blow the horn in the Trophy Room to cause them to run around. But to get past the guards in front of the Trophy Room, you move the coldian (sic) spirits in the Brew House to the armory. Move the Brew House barrel found at ( -686, 118, 572 ) /waypoint -686, 118, 572 to the armory fire near ( -466, 118, 300 ) /waypoint -466, 118, 300. It will explode and the guards from the Trophy Room will run into the armory.
  1. Rewards:
   1 Primal Velium Shard - This reward is always given regardless of circumstances.
   1 Cloudy Velium Jewel - This reward is not given if you are spotted.
   50g  - This reward is not given if you kill any giants you are not supposed to.
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