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Legends of Norrath Loot: Season One
Item Rarity Type
Mystic Armwraps (Left) Treasured Shoulders
Bixie Companion Treasured Fluff Pet
Imperial Prowler Kitten Treasured Fluff Pet
Plague Rat Treasured Fluff Pet
Skeletal Valet Treasured Fluff Pet
Fear-Touched Wand Legendary Dual Wield Crushing
Spellweaver's Red Flying Carpet - Mount
Tinkerer's Copper Flappers - Expendable (mount)
Radiant Nightmare Wings - Expendable (mount)
Prankster's Emerald Skystrider Treasured Mount
Fearful Retreat Deed - House
Ebon Vanguard Steed Treasured Mount
Takha's Stallion Treasured Mount
Meleen's Mare Treasured Mount
Dallyn's Trotter Treasured Mount
Balebri's Filly Treasured Mount
Rhyan's Mustang Treasured Mount
Icewind Komodo Treasured Mount
Cobalt Armored Saliraptor Treasured Mount
Imperial Prowler Legendary Mount
Sun-Blazoned Pegasus Treasured Mount
Tooled Leather Quiver Treasured Container
Mercenary: Noftu Legendary Mercenary
Somberwood Ornate Bow Legendary Ranged
Ring of the Wise Fabled Finger
Legends Paintings: Volume 8 - House Item (book)
Bristlebane's Throwing Stick - Expendable
Decorated Card Case - House Item
Beurlaks' Snack Table - House Item
Fur Lined Cloak Fabled Cloak
Cloak of Chains Fabled Cloak
Cloak of the Seafury Fabled Cloak
Flaming Skull - Cloth Armor (Head)
Legend's Food Cart - House Item
Norrathian Fun Disk - Expendable
a Guktan Apprentice - House Item
Token of Loyalty - Expendable
LoN: Hero of the Inquisition - Title
LoN: Hero of the Oathbound - Title
Residence of the Blades: Deed of Ownership - House
Dance of the Bellywhumper - Expendable
Klakanon's Watch - Expendable
Iron Rage - Expendable
Necromantic Construct - Expendable
Fury of Di'Zok - Expendable
Tallonite Defender - Expendable
Wolves Howl - Expendable
Male Dwarf Mannequin Treasured House Item
Female Dwarf Mannequin Treasured House Item
Painting: The War Scout - House Item
Painting: Queen Cristanos - House Item
Painting: Runaway Clockwork - House Item
Painting: Vengeful Musicians - House Item
Painting: Blooms of Renewal - House Item
Painting: The Sacred Grove - House Item
Painting: Grimebelly Wakes - House Item
Painting: Dark Shadowmagic - House Item
Painting: Revitalize - House Item
Painting: Paladin's Preservation - House Item
Painting: Rapid Stab - House Item
Painting: Belligerence - House Item
Painting: Telluric Fury - House Item
Painting: Antonia Bayle - House Item
Painting: Ratonga Loyalist - House Item
Painting: Voyage of Enlightenment - House Item
Painting: A Well Regulated Militia - House Item
Painting: Dealer of Death - House Item
Painting: Threatening Visage - House Item
Painting: Rain of Fear - House Item
Painting: Delectable Dragon Pate - House Item
Painting: Trial by Combat - House Item
Painting: Debt of the Ratonga - House Item
Tinkerer's Touch - Expendable
Shroud of the Roekillik - Expendable
Roekillik Vanguard Armor Treasured Appearance Crate
Companion of Prexus - Fluff Pet
Soulripper Weapon Set Legendary Appearance Crate
Arras of the Anarchs - House Item
Legacy of Lavastorm - House Item
Personal Theme Music: Enchanted Lands - Expendable
Tiara of Thorn Treasured Cloth Armor (Head)
Ring of the Skilled Fabled Finger
Legend's Wine Cart - House Item
Fear-Touched Throwing Stars Legendary Ranged
Ghostly Warg Treasured Mount
Ghostly Dark Warg Treasured Mount