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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature
Journal Level 110 (Tier 12)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Coliseum of Valor more
How to Start Speak to Druzzil Ro at ( -4, 6, 4 ) Copy
part of: Planes of Prophecy Timeline
Preceded by:
Legacy of Power: Hero's Devotion
Followed by:
Legacy of Power: Realm of the Plaguebringer
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  1. Use the portal at ( -94, 3, 163 ) Copy to enter Plane of Innovation: Masks of the Marvelous [Solo].
    • Avoid the furnaces with visible flames. They'll root you for a short time and throw fire at you.
  2. Defeat the Ancient Clockwork Prototype. Kill the adds first! Wanders near ( -52, 3, 6 ) Copy.
  3. Quest will say Confront Meldrath's spirit.
  4. Defeat an erratic clockwork, then inspect and speak to it.
  5. Follow it.
    • Wait for the Security Sweeper to pass from right to left, then quickly move down the tunnel and turn right into the corridor and away from the Sweeper. If it spots you, you will get ported back to the start of the zone.
    • Take the first right up another tunnel.
  6. Kill the Glitched Cell Keeper at ( 127, 10, -218 ) Copy.
    • Joust out of the red circles. "Glitched Cell Keeper gathers power from his stores to repair himself."
      • The red circle gets bigger each time it drops.
      • Note: Don't stand in one place too long or he will one-shot you.
      • Note: While the red circle is active/charging Glitched Cell Keeper does't take damage.
  7. Speak to Meldrath the Marvelous (Spirit) in the next room at ( 82, 10, -210 ) Copy.

    Meldrath the Marvelous

  8. Kill the Gearclaw the Collector at ( -140, 4, -283 ) Copy to receive Muon's Planarwave Actuator.
    • Roughly every 25% the mob slumps forward and becomes immune to any damage. Right-click and select Turn Key.
  9. Click on the grate at ( -169, 5, -279 ) Copy to return to the start of the zone, and then click on the door to return to the Coliseum of Valor.
  10. Use the portal at ( -94, 3, 163 ) Copy to enter Plane of Innovation: Gears in the Machine [Solo].
  11. Kill Repair Bot 5000 (Solo) at ( 36, 4, -31 ) Copy.
    • The mob has a stiff power drain. Bring power potions and cure arcane pots if you don't have power regen or cures.
  12. Kill the Powered Mechanization (Solo) at ( -1, 4, -116 ) Copy.
  13. Use the door opposite the Powered Mechanization (Solo). ( -43, 4, -110 ) Copy
  14. Collect the Magnetic Ether Compensator at ( -128, 4, -35 ) Copy. You can wait until you have cleared the zone to collect the various parts, but you must not speak to Meldrath before you have collected the parts!

    Magneti Ether Compensator

  15. Kill Toa the Shiny (Solo) near ( -214, 4, -186 ) Copy.
  16. Go to ( -48, 4, -186 ) Copy to spawn The Junk Beast (Solo) and kill it.
  17. Collect Maelin's Talismanic Whirlgurt at ( -19, 12, -170 ) Copy.

    Maelin's Talismanic Whirlgurt

    If you fail to get the item before speaking to Meldrath you will have to redo the zone from scratch. If it is locked, that means you forgot to pick up the "Magnetic Ether Compensator" in step 14.
  18. Speak to (IF YOU HAVE COLLECTED THE PARTS BELOW) Meldrath the Marvelous (Clockwork) at ( -16, 4, -122 ) Copy.
  19. Approach ( 26, 4, -185 ) Copy to spawn Meldrath the Malignant and listen to his rant.

    Meldrath the Malignant

  20. Kill The Manaetic Behemoth (Solo) when it becomes active.
    • Periodically it will put down red circles and send out missiles to the center of the circles. The missiles do damage if they hit and will explode a short time after landing.
    • If you die, you can proceed to talk to The Great Gear.
  21. Walk to ( 24, 21, -277 ) Copy and speak to The Great Gear.

    The Great Gear.

  22. 4 of the glitching clockworks will become active. Defeat them.
  23. Gather the Gyro-stabilized Sorcerous Generator at ( 43, 3, -192 ) Copy.

    Gyro-stablized Sorcerous Generator

  24. Return to Meldrath the Marvelous at ( -16, 4, -122 ) Copy to receive Enigmatic Portal Opening Device.
  25. Return to Druzzil Ro in the Coliseum of Valor at ( -4, 6, 4 ) Copy.


  • At least 1p 41g 75s 42,666 status
  • Marked Scruple
  • Mithril Cog of Innovation - Allows access to the "Plane of Innovation" zones for entire account.