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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Faction Merchant
Race Othmir
Zone Eastern Wastes (Destiny of Velious)
Location Nipik's Haven ( -1237, -538, 3227 ) /waypoint -1237, -538, 3227 Eq2map


Items for salePriceFaction needed
Grand Othmir Bauble of Prexus5p 4g40,000
Grand Othmir Earrings of Prexus5p 4g40,000
Grand Othmir Fetish of Prexus5p 4g30,000
Grand Othmir Hoop of Prexus5p 4g40,000
Grand Othmir Idol of Prexus5p 4g30,000
Grand Othmir Mark of Prexus5p 4g30,000
Grand Othmir Signet of the Priest15p 12g 1c40,000
Grand Othmir Signet of the Thief15p 12g 1c40,000
Grand Othmir Signet of the Warrior15p 12g 1c40,000
Grand Othmir Signet of the Wizard15p 12g 1c40,000
Grand Othmir Stud of Prexus5p 4g40,000
Grand Othmir Symbol of Prexus5p 4g30,000
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