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Kylong Plains
Levels 65-75
Kylong Plains.jpg
Introduced Rise of Kunark
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to
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Harvesting Tier 8
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This zone contains the EQ1 zones of: Burning Woods, Dreadlands and Firiona Vie.

Explore a thriving plain where the relentless encroachment of the trees have finally pushed their way up to the desert fortress of Karnor's Castle. Clean up the drinking water from the lake near the docks at Dreg's Landing then find out about the mysterious invasion (of your invasion) from the Order of Rime.

Travel east through the ancient tunnel and across the massive chasm that was once only a river to what remains of the Elven outpost of Firiona Vie and here help the residents hold the fort at Kunzar's Edge against the Gra'al Shul Iksar and Mudfins.

Westward of Dreg's Landing journey up into the high mountains to the ancient and mysterious Combine Spires where the settlement of Teren's Grasp clings to the frozen tundra.

Venture north from from the remnants of the Lost Valley and back down into a dense forest; where the burned ash has finally been covered by the fall leaves.


This is a huge zone that stretches over three distinct seasons. The western part is accessed by running through the mountains (left after docks). To the North West through Yeti cave, you will get to the part with entrance to Chardok. The Eastern part, has access to the Fens of Nathsar and is found either by following the mountain on the right or swimming along the shore around the first mountain part.



Revive Locations[]

Revive Location Description
Dreg's Landing Next to the docks.
Fens of Nathsar Between the Sokokar post and the zone line.
Kunzar's Edge Next to the Sokokar post.
Ryjesium Peaks Middle of the mountain range.
Teren's Grasp Bottom of the ramp near the wall.
Jarsath Wastes Near the Sokokar post.

Quest Hubs[]

Quest Hub Level Range Notes
Dreg's Landing
Teren's Grasp
Kunzar's Edge
Brakthyr's Post


Writs are available at the Kylong Plains docks for the following enemies.

(This list is incomplete.)