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Kunzar Jungle
Levels 75-80
Introduced Rise of Kunark
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to Fens of Nathsar
Dungeons Sebilis
Quest Lines Kunzar Jungle Timeline
Harvesting Tier 8
NPCs Monsters Named
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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This single zone covers the areas known as The Emerald Jungle, Trakanon's Teeth, and The City of Mist in EverQuest.

Kunzar Jungle can be treacherous for an outdoor zone. There are many factions that will initially be hostile scattered throughout the zone. In addition, patrols from Sebilis patrol the roads. More dangerous is Zelgad the Western Lord, an Order of Rime affiliated Epic x2.

The City of Jinisk, a merchant town in the center west of the zone, is rather easy to build good faction with. To the north are the Ry'zilk's Renegades Di'Zok sarnak and the Hidden Plunderers, a group of Iksar working to interfere with Venril Sathir's interests in the City of Mist (and make a profit while doing so). Near the middle of the zone is The Tabernacle of Pain, where the Swifttail Monks continue to try and uphold their ancient traditions.

In the south is the city of Sebilis, the ancient Iksar capital and domain of Venril Sathir. Dalnir's Wheel provides fresh water to the city and is worked by the enslaved frogloks of Synod Reet.




Kunzar Jungle can be accessed overland via The Fens of Nathsar in two different spots. The game-encouraged way for adventurers of the appropriate level to reach Kunzar Jungle is to follow the road in Nathsar that runs east from Riliss. Adventurers entering the Kunzar Jungle will arrive on the outskirts of The City of Jinisk where they can immediately begin working on the zone questlines.

Kunzar Jungle can also be accessed via the river gorge in Fens of Nathsar. This route will lead adventurers to Murkdweller's River, where The Order of Rime has set up a camp.

Lastly, Kunzar Jungle can be accessed via druid rings, which take adventurers to The Abandoned Village. Kunzar Jungle cannot be accessed via wizard port or mariner's bells.


Once sufficient faction is achieved, The City of Jinisk in the center west and Outer Sebilis in the southeast have between them most amenities an adventurer would need, including brokers, bankers and menders. Generally speaking, Jinisk will be the first of many factions that adventurers will reach good terms with and Outer Sebilis Residents will be the last.


Dungeon Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Typical Duration
Sebilis 80-85 Group Shared Dungeon

Revive Locations[]

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Main article: Kunzar Jungle Timeline

Kunzar Jungle has many questlines affiliated with the many factions.

Adventurers will also find smaller questlines that raise faction with Kunzar Jungle Villagers (Faction) scattered throughout the zone.

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