Kunark Ascending Timeline
Recommended Levels 100 to 100
Introduced: Kunark Ascending
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: see Starting Zones
Preceded by: Terrors of Thalumbra Timeline, Zek, the Scourge Wastes Timeline
Followed by: Planes of Prophecy Timeline


Notes for AltsEdit

Once you complete this Timeline with one character, it's possible for your other characters to purchase The Essential Kunark Guide for 100p from Sarya Val'Sara in Nye'Caelona at ( -231, 91, -241 ) /waypoint -231, 91, -241 after your faction with Nye'Caelona is -20,000 or better. If you have completed many quests and are still a bit shy of that, you may be missing Changing of the Tides.

This Bauble gives alts:

Grants understanding of the following languages:

What the bauble does not do:

  • It does not exempt the alt from doing the Signature and Crafting quest in order to allow entry and use of facilities in any of: the Crusader's Cave, Nye'Caelona, or Twark.
  • It does not grant access to the Geomancer Ascension master - there are aggressive NPCs sited right next to this ascension master, and they do not path away. Although in theory they are available, they are not really available unless you progress somewhat in the Signature quest and the NPCs are no longer KOS.
  • It does not allow the use of the Banker, etc in the Crusader's cave. The only way to do so is to progress far enough along the Crafting questline to receive a disguise that sets factions correctly. (Even completing the Signature quest doesn't grant that much faction.)
    • Note: There are NO QUESTS, and therefore No Way To Gain Faction with any Kunark Ascending beings without finishing the access quest and/or the Tradeskill line. Be aware that this timeline gives you faction with Nye'Caelona and the Crusaders of Greenmist, and the Tradeskill side gives faction with Twark and Nye'Caelona. If you don't do the Tradeskill line, you won't get faction with the Bloody Tooth Goblins and their faction merchant, nor be able to use the Banker and other merchants in the Crusader's Cave (with disguise).

Signature QuestlineEdit

  1. Kunark Ascending: Beyond the Veil - Through mail from Queen Alwenielle.
  2. Kunark Ascending: Opportunity 'Noks - from Trooper Sotek.
  3. Kunark Ascending: Ghost Whisperer - from Setri Lur'eth.
  4. Drake Disposal Duty - from Zhazsze
  5. Kunark Ascending: Forgotten Lands - from Hierophant Prime Jarakkas.
  6. Kunark Ascending: History in Stone
    • Make sure to finish the Greenmist HQ Timeline before doing A Chosen Weapon to be able to loot the chest.
  7. Kunark Ascending: A Chosen Weapon
  8. Kunark Ascending: Seeking Reassurance
  9. Kunark Ascending: Reading Assignment
  10. Kunark Ascending: Resurrection Machination
    1. Artifacts of Life - from Trader Gorakris.
    2. Case of the Missing Headpiece - from Thaalia Faerel.
    3. Ghosts and Gooblins - from Chorch.
  11. Kunark Ascending: A Nightmare Realized - rewards with a flying mount, Nye'Caelona to Thalumbra Travel Unlock and unlocks the Ascension Trainers

NPC Quests that are not part of the SQ TimelineEdit

Arcanist ChaarexEdit

  1. Giant Impressment Effort - after Idol Destruction
  2. Giant Spiritual Awakening

Klok ScekkiEdit

  1. Remains to be Seen - after Trader Amongst Us and Giant Spiritual Awakening

Adept KrellsisEdit

  1. Suit Up - after Giant Spiritual Awakening

Ghrix Si'lithEdit

  1. Feast for a Gift - after Artifacts of Life


  1. Delivered from Madness - after Feast for a Gift


  1. Shattered Lives - after Delivered from Madness

Celsyn BeilethEdit

  1. You Can Kill Count on Me - after Kunark Ascending: History in Stone
  2. Leader-Go-Seek
  3. Changing of the Tides
  4. You Can Still Kill Count on Me - repeatable

Sarafain EillynnEdit

  1. Arid Roots - after You Can Kill Count on Me and at least -9,700 Faction with Nye'Caelona needed
  2. Insecticidal Mission
  3. Insecticidal Mission Impossible - repeatable

Kerss Rekssok in Kunzar JungleEdit

  1. Eye in the Mist
  2. A Mist Call

Examined Item:Edit

  1. Toes, Teeth, and Death - bloody banner in Twark

Public QuestsEdit

Timed Key QuestsEdit

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