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Kunark Ascending Crafting Timeline
Recommended Levels 100 to 100
Introduced: Kunark Ascending
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: see Starting Zones
Preceded by: Terrors of Thalumbra Crafting Timeline, Artisan Epic Timeline
Followed by: Planes of Prophecy Crafting Timeline

About this Timeline[]

  • This quest timeline includes the usual tradeskill content with a game expansion release: new recipes for abilities, recipes for gear, recipes for house items and so on.
  • This timeline includes the "Tradeskill (or Artisan) Epic 2.0" quest series, which grants powerful tradeskill-themed rewards. Those who have completed the Artisan Epic Timeline will be familiar with the long and challenging nature of such a series.

Requirements for Completion[]

Requirements to complete this series include:

Optional Quest[]

Pirates! is an optional quest with its own requirements.

Notes for crafting during the quests[]

  • All of the recipes used in this quest series auto-scribe, meaning you never have to search your inventory for a scroll or similar.
  • All of the crafting is done near the locations where the recipes are gained or the NPCs are engaged. All of the crafting is done at non-traditional stations, like podiums (spells) and NPC firepits.
  • Mass production doesn't work for quest update (It usually doesn't for any tradeskill quest)

Required Materials for Quest Line[]

This does not include materials for the weekly crafting quests, which are listed below.

  • 3 Abyssal Pelt
  • 6 Bornite Nodule
  • 12 Fruiting Sporangium
  • 12 Mycelial tendrils
  • 7 Splitiron Ore
  • 5 Thaumic Material
  • 6 Umbrite
  • 99 Thaumic Coal

Quest - Source - Special Reward[]

  1. An Urgent Call - Mail from Brytthel in Maldura
  2. Forging Onwards - Elanuelle in Thalumbra
  3. Into The Spire - Elanuelle in Thalumbra
  4. Not Dead Yet - Vhesh / Obulus Frontier Beach
  5. Getting Hooked - Kreeg / Obulus Frontier Beach
  6. Feeling Crabby - Kreeg / Obulus Frontier Beach
  7. Hung Out to Dry - Kreeg / Obulus Frontier Beach
  8. Live Bait - Kreeg / Obulus Frontier Beach
  9. Gathering Shinies - Vhesh / Obulus Frontier Beach
  10. Losers, Weepers - Vhesh / Obulus Frontier Beach
  11. Requesting Blessing - Vhesh / Obulus Frontier Beach
  12. A Finding Charm - Glibnox / Twark
  13. A Mission of Mercy - Glibnox / Twark
  14. Bone Collecting - Glibnox / Twark
  15. Scrying Eyes - Glibnox / Twark
  16. Deeper Disguise - Trooper Selisk / Crusader's Cave - faction disguise for Greenmist Crusaders
  17. Gone Astray - Trooper Sokszar / Crusader's Cave
  18. Figurine the Profits - Skethusk / Crusader's Cave
  19. Search and Rescue - Examine a Collection of Goblin Items - Charm that allows travel to Twark
  20. Stranger Friends - Glibnox / Twark
  21. Dying of Bore-dom - Lyraquel / Nye'Caelona
  22. Soil and Trouble - Lyraquel / Nye'Caelona
  23. Process of Elimination - Lyraquel / Nye'Caelona
  24. Choose the Slug Life - Lyraquel / Nye'Caelona
  25. The Final Blow - Brytthel / Nye'Caelona in Obulus Frontier


Near the end of this quest series you are given the option to relinquish the ability Artisan's Gathering Goblin and replace it with a goblin that will "garden" for you instead, allowing you to gather a rare material.

  1. Guardian of Growf
  2. Blessing of Growf
  3. Protector of Growf
  4. Seeds of Growf - needed for The Gardens Are In Bloom
  5. Tree of Growf - if you want to keep the Artisan's Gathering Goblin, do NOT take this quest. You will not be able to complete the three listed below either and should return to Nye'Caelona to complete the quests for the Traskill Epic 2.0.
  6. Budding Progress
  7. Home Sickness
  8. The Gardening Goblin

Weekly Quests**[]

Each quest gives +2000 Faction for either or both Bloody Tooth (BT) or Nye'Caelona(NC).

From Oogthor in Twark after Choose the Slug Life

Once you finished your epic 2.0, those daily crafting quests in have a chance to reward you with:

Only one quest is considered "weekly", Snacky Snacks. The rest are "dailies" that you can do one per day or all at one time with a reset a full seven days after you do them.

Needed Materials for Weekly and "Daily" Quests

See the talk page for more details on amounts / quest.

  • Chokidai droppings (4) - gathered locally at ( 393, -202, -175 ) Copy only when you have the quest
  • Chokidai hide (4) - you are provided with these by the quest-giver
  • Astringent herb (4) - gathered locally in Twark only when you have the quest


Recipe books[]

Are sold by Scribbleclaw in Obulus Frontier at ( 77, -165, -722 ) Copy in Twark

Grandmaster Rewards[]

Though many rewards are granted as your progress, the key rewards include a mount that has both adventure and crafting stats and a cloak suited to your crafting class. These come from completing the end-line quests, The Final Blow and Time Is Short.

Grandmaster Reward Upgrades[]

You can upgrade the Cloak at Scribbleclaw in Obulus Frontier at ( 77, -165, -722 ) Copy in Twark. The upgraded version is itentical in appearance, but has slightly different stats. Requires an All Access Membership, 30 Sovereign of Rile coins, 50,000SP and 500 Platinum to purchase.