This timeline gives the details of the collection quests introduced as part of the Kunark Ascending expansion. These collections listed here are part of the overall list of collections available in EverQuest II, which are listed at Collection Quests Timeline.

Language CollectionEdit

Examples of Cae'Dal Script - needed for several quests

Obulus Frontier CollectionsEdit

  1. Beginning of Tears
  2. Curiously Uppity Petals
  3. Evident Circlets of Trust
  4. Faydrake Wing Patterns
  5. Forsaken Days Pendants
  6. Giant Despised Puzzle
  7. Giant Workman's Wooden Crust
  8. Goblin Lost Memory Imprints
  9. Greenmist Buried Bygones
  10. Kromdul Fearful Wards
  11. Mixed Moss Morass
  12. Mystic Ore of the Garden
  13. Past Season Filaments
  14. Plates of Prophetic Vision
  15. Sathir's Shadow Devices
  16. Sathuss'Host Consorts' Schemes
  17. Scattered Ash Seeds
  18. Shattered Iksar Monument
  19. Stones of Geometric Flair
  20. Tree Sapling Crawlers
  21. Wise Journeyman Beads

Obulus Frontier Solo Instances CollectionsEdit

  1. Conduit Gems of Flowing Magic
  2. Lingering Forces of Ancient Deities
  3. Experimental Mutation Formulas
  4. The Kly Dark Magic Repository
  5. Historic Dockets of Lord Ghiosk
  6. Old Tools of Torsis Merchants
  7. Excavated Necromancer Trove
  8. Locks over Zebuxoruk Secrets

Obulus Frontier Heroic Instances CollectionsEdit

  1. Archaic Magic Dedications
  2. Banners of Torsis Tradeposts
  3. Buried Mantles of Venril
  4. Charts of Desperation
  5. Dalnir's Unfinished Armory
  6. Daughter's Faraway Keepsakes
  7. Firey Destruction Eulogies
  8. Floral Growth Benedictions
  9. Follower Marks of Rile Sathir
  10. Follower Marks of The Kly
  11. Foul Pestilence Panegyrics
  12. Iksar Forbidden Eggs
  13. Iksar Scholar Stash
  14. Invocation of Lord Rak'Ashiir
  15. Kotiz's Dark Arcanum
  16. Neh'Ashiir Handmaiden's Jewelry
  17. Pillars of Sunlight
  18. Purely Passionate Devotions
  19. Sentinel Golemn Composition
  20. Sleeping Crypt Fractured Vase
  21. Spirit Infused Natural Crystal
  22. Undead Army Bounties
  23. Unveiled Library Devices
  24. Xalgoz Adventure Tributes


  1. Luclin Essence of Obulus Frontier from Obulus Frontier Overland zone
  2. Sarnak Arcane Defenses from Obulus Frontier Solo instances
  3. Alms of the Crypt of Dalnir from Obulus Frontier Heroic instances
  4. Departed Deific Efforts from (Kunzar Jungle / Fens of Nathsar / Thalumbra) Heroic instances
  5. Proceedings of Rak'Ashiir's Lost Faith
  6. Vampiric Calling of Sathir

From Meta Collections:

  1. Obulus Frontier Acquisition
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