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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature
Journal Level 104 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Obulus Frontier more
How to Start Speak with Hierophant Prime Jarrakas626, 254, 1339 ) Copy
part of: Kunark Ascending Timeline
Preceded by:
Kunark Ascending: A Chosen Weapon
Damage the Trust
Followed by:
Kunark Ascending: Reading Assignment

What does this information mean?


  • After turning in Captain Tazthas's quest, Damage the Trust, Hierophant Prime Jarrakas will offer this quest.


  1. Speak with Captain Tazthas. ( 674, 253, 1407 ) Copy
  2. Speak with Hierophant Prime Jarrakas. ( 625, 253, 1337 ) Copy (ensure this step is done and the quest reads 'Ensure Choosooth's mission success' before leaving for Kunzar Jungle)
  3. Go to the Lost City of Torsis: Reaver's Remnants (Solo). Zone in location: Kunzar Jungle-257, 150, -1158 ) Copy
  4. Complete the instance,then go back and find Chosooth who is in the very back behind last named ( 38, -5, -1215 ) Copy.Follow the floating heads and Walk through the illusory wall ( -16, -5, -1130 ) Copy, down a hallway all the way to the back. Talk to Chosooth to receive the Vial of Iksar Blood. If you have completed the quest Hold on to the Phylactery you will not have to return to the Hierophant, you will find Chosooth automatically, reveal to him that you have the phylactery and not Venril, and he will give you the Vial of Iksar Blood automatically.
  5. Speak to Dominus Rile at Riliss in Fens of Nathsar-807, 67, -60 ) Copy