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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature
Journal Level 103 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Obulus Frontier more
How to Start Speak with Setri Lur'eth ( 620, 242, 1186 ) /waypoint 620.24, 242.48, 1185.92 Eq2map in the Crusader's Cave
part of: Kunark Ascending Timeline
Preceded by:
Kunark Ascending: Opportunity 'Noks
Followed by:
Drake Disposal Duty
A Vicious Tongue

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  1. Find a nameless iksar spirit ( 702, 222, 904 ) /waypoint 701.94, 222.03, 903.95 Eq2map at its first location close to the mouth of Crusader Cave.
    A nameless spirit

    a nameless spirit

  2. Speak with the iksar spirit who will run off after conversation.
  3. Find the iksar spirit again ( 466, 136, 724 ) /waypoint 465.87, 136.01, 724.13 Eq2map at his second location next to a lavapool.
  4. Speak to him again and defeat the magma elemental (level 102-103^^ golem), that will automatically attack you.
  5. Continue your interrupted conversation with the spirit.
  6. Kill more magma elementals until you get the quest update receiving an Ancient Knife Hilt.
    • Note: Depending on your luck you'll need to kill between 8 and 15 elementals to receive the hilt
    • Note: magma elementals can be found in pools of lava in the surrounding area
  7. Return to the iksar spirit and speak with him yet again.
  8. Return to Setri Lur'eth ( 620, 242, 1186 ) /waypoint 620.24, 242.48, 1185.92 Eq2map in the Crusader's Cave.


  • At least 1p 41g 75s 38993 status
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