Khost Alur

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Ward of Elements (LU51)
Race Water Elemental
Level 85▲▲▲ Tier 9 Epic x2
Location Ward of Floods and Storms
Reported Drops
Related Quests

Out of Her Element...

AA Exp yes
Status Points none

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Strategy[edit | edit source]

Note: water in room is electrified and will hit you for 1500-2K if you stand in it. Everyone should have arcane pots or have a class that can remove a nasty arcane detrimental from the groups.

There are 3 towers in the room. We dubbed the south tower as "1", the north tower as "2", and the far tower (the one closest to door/east) as "3". Position your raid group between the two towers (1 and 2) on the far end of the room.

On pull, and periodically through the fight, you will get a message that electricity is surging randomly through the towers. The towers may or may not change effects each time you see this message. You will see three effects on the towers:

  • One will remain dark
  • One will look like lightning is running down it (magic damage)
  • One will have circular purple electro-pulses around it (mental damage)

Initially, Khost must be pulled close to an active tower to do any damage to him. After that he does not need to be moved again.

Periodically through the fight Khost will also do a knockback which will toss the MT about 60-70 feet. With practice, the MT can put their back against the rock wall near both tower 1 and 2 and put Khost close enough to the towers to make him vulnerable.

Roughly every 20 seconds during the fight he will cast an overload buff on himself that will proc mental or magic damage (depending on the pillar) on a successful attack. These will continue to stack up, the longer he stays at a pillar. Changing pillars will remove the buffs. There will also be a curable arcane detrimental thrown out at the same time. This effect decreases mitigation vs. mental or magic and hits the player with that particular damage, when they take mental or magic damage. Again, it's all tower dependent.

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