Keyrin Curetouch

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Mercenary
Race Wood Elf
Zone Greater Faydark (Age of Discovery ‎)
Location ( 197, 108, 349 ) /waypoint 197, 108, 349 EQ2MAP POI
Class Warden
Hiring Fee scales with level
Salary scales with level

Description[edit | edit source]

Born and raised within the city of Kelethin, Keyrin has rarely ventured outside the safety of the city. After the death of her parents at the hands of the crushbone orcs, she has dedicated her talents to that of healing those in need. She only seeks payment to keep up with the upkeep of her supplies and armor. Keyrin will use her powers in healing to protect her allies rather than attacking enemies by default.

Abilities / Spells[edit | edit source]

Related Quests[edit | edit source]

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