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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Deity  (AA)
Journal Level 55 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Timorous Deep more
How to Start Speak to Justinian Theo on the beach next to Chrykori Village in Timorous Deep
part of: The Tribunal Timeline
Preceded by:
True and False
Followed by:
Trial of the Gatekeeper
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Key for Key Evidence

Key in The Feerrott in the river for step 3

  1. Justinian sends you to The Feerrott to work with Kaira L'or to unlock the Sacred Temple of Hammer.
  2. Kaira ( -452, -6, 785 ) /waypoint -452, -6, 785 is near the Greenblood river where it splits around Alliz Temple, just up from the Restored Druid Ring and close to the Tae Ew Station. Kaira sends you to find the last two rune keys.
  3. First key is at the Anaconda River, the first pile of rocks with reeds ( -528, -6, 204 ) /waypoint -528, -6, 204. Red and black box, and now gives off an intermittent blue/white sparkle to be seen easier in the water.
  4. Return to Kaira and give her the key. She sends you to find the second key.
  5. Second key is near Kaira's location in the Greenblood River ( -433, -16, 892 ) /waypoint -433, -16, 892.
  6. Take the key to Kaira.
  7. Return to Justinian Theo.



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