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Karana, The Rainkeeper
The Rainkeeper
Alignment - Neutral
Prophet - Askr

Karana is allied with Tunare and Mithaniel Marr. Bertoxxulous is his enemy. Followers of Karana, the Rainkeeper, believe in the absolute power of storms. They worship the life-giving power of the rain and respect the destructive force of a sandstorm or hurricane. Typical followers of Karana are rural humanoids - farmers, ranchers, hunters, and the like. They will often offer strangers shelter from the elements. Many of Karana's followers live a nomadic lifestyle, travelling where the winds take them. They are humble, generous people who value strength and honesty and brook no disrespect of Karana or of his work for they know it is only through his wisdom and kindness that all of Norrath is not consumed in an eternal tempest. [Source]


Accepting Your Deity[]

Go speak to Askr2336, 38, 1052 ) Copy in Timorous Deep near the Gorowyn Beach Outpost.

Devotion Quests[]

  1. Forging a Bond (23)
  2. Steppe by Steppe (35)
  3. Shards of Frost and Fire (45)
  4. Sticks and Stones (65)
  5. The Stormfather (75)


Blessing Name Favor Description
Blessing of Shelter 750 Increases mitigation vs all physical damage
Blessing of Serenity 875 Increases health by 3.3% and power by 1.3% instantly and every 6 seconds.
Blessing of the Storm 1000 When target is damaged with a melee weapon this spell has a 10% chance to cast Wind Gust on target's attacker. Lasts for 3 seconds. Stuns target (epic targets gain inmunity of 9 secs and duration is just 1 second). On a successfull melee attack this spell has a chance to cast Storm Shock on target of attack. Inflicts around 2732-3301 magic damage on target.
Blessing of the Glade 1125 Increases Crit Chance of caster by 25.0
Blessing of the Tempest 1250 Increases Multi Attack Chance of caster by 5. Increases Damage Per Second of caster by 20.0.


Miracle Name Favor Description
Shroud of Clouds 1125 Decreases Hate gain by 25%, dodge 25% of incoming attacks, increase spell dmg by 5% (duration 1 min.)
Unyielding Ice Storm 1312 Decreases attack speed of targets in AOE by 15, slows targets in AOE by 50%, decreases mit vs. elemental by 225, inflicts 1480-1770 cold dmg in AOE, inflicts 1305-1595 cold dmg in AOE every 5 secs., (effect radius 8 meters, duration 45 secs.)
Baleful Storm 1500 Fury of the Storm. EPIC AOE stun and Knock Back plus 3075-8874 magic damage. Stuns caster.
Tempest 1687 Makes caster immune to stun, mez, root, stifle and daze effects, increases melee crit chance by 50% (duration 30 Secs.)
Breath of Karana 1875 Resurrects all deceased party members within 25 meter radius with 15% health/power (max 6 targets)


Pet Cloak Avatar
Child of Karana Cloak of Storms Avatar of Storms
Child of Karana.jpg Cloak of Storms (vis).jpg Avatar of Storms.jpg