Kane Bayle

Kane Bayle was the son of Antonius Bayle III and Linnett Bayle.

He had two brothers, Kyle Bayle and Antonius Bayle IV. Kane is two years younger than Antonius IV.[1]

Kane rose to the position of Captain of the Qeynos Guard just prior to the War of Plagues, and was known (apparently interchangeably) as either Captain Bayle or Commander Bayle.

Kane did marry, to a woman named Araminda Mrallon (later Araminda Bayle), author of The Commander's Wife, an autobiography. In it, she details her awareness of his infidelity. Araminda was the daughter of Lord Mrallon, a family friend of the Bayle line. Kane and Araminda did have one child, a son, who died within hours of birth. He did not have another child by Araminda, though she referred to their dead child as Kane's "first son" in her autobiography.

He was an exceptional swordsman, having only ever been bested by his brother Antonius Bayle IV and Ebon Strongbear.

According to Lieutenant Milea Clothspinner, she and Kane were romantically involved. She testified that Kane was simultaneously involved with a woman aligned with the Bloodsaber cult. It is not known if Kane fathered any children from these or other affairs.

Indeed, it was Kane's affiliation with the Bloodsabers that led him to treason. Kane came to worship Bertoxxulous, to conspire with the Bloodsabers to support his bid for the throne, and ultimately to plot the assassination of his brother Antonius IV. The plot involves the ascension of the Bloodsabers to become the preeminent political faction in Qeynos after Kane deposed his brother. He is suspected to be one of the chief instigators of the Karana plague that led to the War of Plagues.

Found guilty by the court of treason, he was executed.

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