The following are quest series that take place in Kaladim. They are aimed at characters of levels 30-40, and they flow naturally from the Butcherblock Mountains Timeline.

(recommended levels in brackets)

Main Quest LineEdit

Helping the RangerEdit

Starts with Captain E.L. Irontoe in the West Fort Irontoe in the Butcherblock Mountains

  1. A Tale of Two Towers (31 heroic)
  2. Dunfire Diamonds are a Dwarf's Best Friend (32)
    1. Gem Analyzer from a clickable object at ( -97, 45, -189 ) /waypoint -97, 45, -189 collect 4 tools

Captain T.B. Irontoe

  1. Planting and Plundering (31 heroic)
  2. A Couple Ringlets Missing (33 heroic)
  3. The Terrok Strongbox (68 heroic)

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