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Levels 30-39
Introduced Echoes of Faydwer
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Before the Age of Cataclysms, a gnomish construct came to Kaladim, city of the Dwarves, with an image of The Vaults of Serilis, a temple built by Brell Serilis himself in the deepest reaches of Norrath. Most dwarves, including the army, left Kaladim on a pilgrimage to find the Vaults, leaving behind only civilians.

When the Cataclysm struck, Kaladim suffered a severe cave-in, trapping many dwarves inside. The dwarves that had been outside mounted a rescue expedition, aided by the trapped dwarves working from the inside at first. Before the cave-in was cleared, all sounds from within Kaladim had ceased. Finally breaking in, the dwarves had found that the Cataclysm had not only caused the cave-in, but opened a path for the Horde of Serilis to leave the Underfoot and invade Norrath. The Horde of Serilis slaughtered the dwarves remaining in Kaladim and set it up as their new home.

With the Stormguard still in search of the Vaults of Serilis, King Stormhammer recalled the Irontoe Brigade. They now camp in the Butcherblock Mountains, planning to build an army and take their home back from the Horde.


Kaladim was revamped with the release of Sentinel's Fate to be a 30s dungeon. It was formerly a 60s dungeon.

Ring Events[]

Guard Towers[]

    • -161, 45, -239 ) Copy
    • -117, 45, -222 ) Copy
    • Clear the mobs on each level to spawn a new set of mobs. Clear the new mobs to spawn the tower boss. Avoid fighting in the middle room as the mobs on the top floor will aggro.

Ogrebane Arena[]

Bank Vault[]

    • Opened with a blasting keg dropped from NPC Great Grenadier Gonga - as of the revamp he's a 100% spawn
      • Loot [a blasting keg] from the chest he drops. Will drop when grey.
      • Place the keg in a niche in the bank wall at ( -6, 26, -222 ) Copy. An interact hand pops up when the mouse is over the spot - left click to place the keg
    • Kill the Grungetalon treasurers and Grungetalon usurers on both floors.
    • Once all the Grungetalons in the bank are down, four Ratillik hunters spawn.


Keg Hold[]

Underfoot Cathedral[]

  1. Kill the monsters by the pool of water in the south room: four Terrok bulwarks, then a Grungetalon geochanter and two A crystal construct.
  2. In the middle room, kill the groups of monsters surrounding the inactive Avatar of Below. One Grungetalon chipper, one Grungetalon infuser, one Grungetalon packer and a Ratillik overseer. There will be two of these groups. There is a chance for Chiselmaster Unekee to spawn instead of one of the Ratillik overseers.
  3. In the north room, kill the groups of Serilian knights and King Caertex.
  4. In the middle room, wait for The Avatar of Serilis to become active, then kill it. Running around on top of it may be required to activate it.


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