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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Mercenary
Race Allu'thoa
Zone Rogues Gallery (Shattered Lands)
Location Third cell on the left ( 14, -50, -4 ) /waypoint 13.52, -50.13, -3.82
Class Inquisitor
Hiring Fee scales with level
Salary scales with level


Ka'Mao was removed from the lands of Tranquil Sea as a youngling by the followers of Miragul, and placed for much of his life within the infamous Menagerie. Since being released, he spent some time aboard a Far Seas vessel, where he learned his craft from an inquisitor known as Nakder Vylk.

Abilities / SpellsEdit

(all abilities/spells are at Master)


All mercenaries from mercenary crates are granted randomly. Rarity describes how likely or unlikely a player is to get this mercenary from a crate and, in turn, how much they will sell to Sneerio Backlash for status points.


  • See the Rogues Gallery page for information about this type of mercenary and the location they are found in.
  • See the Mercenary Guide for a page that describes the use, train, how to add gear, and other topics related to mercenaries.
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